Reminiscent of Their 20-Year Friendship and Meeting Jimmy Fallon on Almost Famous, Kate Hudson “Had a Great Time Laughing”


“One of the greatest full circle experiences was to play in [Fallon’s] broadcast the other night,” Hudson said to Instagram.

Jimmy Fallon and Kate Hudson

In honor of her lengthy friendship with Jimmy Fallon, the actress is paying tribute.

After releasing her new song, “Gonna Find Out,” on the “Tonight” show last the following day, May 2, the 45-year-old actress and singer thought back to when she first saw the TV presenter more than 20 years ago.

In a post on Instagram on Saturday night May 4, Hudson revealed that she met Fallon, 49, when they “were just beginning out our careers”; at the time, she was starring in Nearly Celebrity at the age of 20. She claimed that they quickly became friends after meeting on the production premises of the 2000 film.

Jimmy and I had a great time together, laughing, playing, dancing, and listening to music. I liked him from the moment we first met. The other night, Hudson wrote, “playing on the Tonight Show with @fallontonight turned out to be one of the greatest full circle moments.”

‘Almost Famous’ stars Jimmy Fallon and Kate Hudson

Going to the subterranean bar that we liked to make our way to after the play with Jimmy and Horatio made me feel like I was twenty again. She went on, “This night I felt like I was smiling from head to toe.” I appreciate your help, Jimmy. It was an amazing moment! I adore you so much! 🤍✌️.

Hudson shared heartfelt black-and-white pictures of the couple with the caption, showing them having a good time engaging in activities downstairs at NBC Studios, conversing behind the scenes during The Tonight Show, & smiling during her appearance.

She also uploaded pictures from her very first live TV appearance of “Gonna Find Out,” in which she was seen performing in a long, white dress and tassels on stage. A picture of the actress hugging Fallon onstage following the show was also published.

Another black-and-white image of the two giving each other a strong hug backstage served as the post’s finale.

Jimmy Fallon and Kate Hudson in 2000.

In an interview on the Tonight Program, Hudson disclosed that she had spent at least “two and a half years” putting together her first project, Glorious, which included songs that co-wrote with her fiancé, Tony Fujikawa, 37, and Linda Perry, 59.

I have always liked music; it’s almost too much to put into words. The YouTube star remarked, “It was my initial obsession and I’ve been composing music my entire life. I thought it was a hobby that I only do for me until, like, COVID.” I’ll regret not simply putting it out there, I thought to myself at that point. Thus, I did.

She also declared that she would shortly be going on tour. “Yes, I am. “I’m boarding the bus again,” she exclaimed to Fallon. “I have a couple of concerts going up and We’m so excited.”

So far, her website has announced a May 18 show at The Bellwether’s in Los Angeles.

On May 17, Hudson’s upcoming album Glorious is set to be released.


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