R&B Legend Says Victoria Monét Has “Already” Written a Love Song That Anita Baker “Would Be Proud of”


In reaction to a 2022 post by the singer of “On My Mama,” Baker wrote, “CONGRATULATIONS on ALL your, well-deserving Nominations & Accolades.”

Anita Baker is a big fan of Victoria Monét!

The 64-year-old star of “Caught Up in the Rapture” reacted on Thursday to a 2022 post made by the 34-year-old singer of “On My Mama,” who expressed her desire to compose a love song than could make Baker proud.

The singer tweeted in February 2022, “I want to create a classic romantic tune that Anita Baker could be proud of.”

“You’ve completed it already. How does it feel? @VictoriaMonet By Using *ALL of Our Gifts is a Melodic Masterpiece. In a retweet signed “ABXO,” Baker wrote, “CONGRATULATIONS on ALL your, well-deserved Nominations & Accolades & Safeguarding R&B in Your World/Your Generation.”

The song “How Does It Make You Feel” is from Monét’s most recent album, Jaguar II, which was made available in August of last year. She became the second-most recognized artist for the Grammy Awards on February 4th, having received seven nods.

The “Coastin'” singer only spoke to PEOPLE last month after finding out that her 2-year-old child Hazel is the newest individual to ever receive a Grammy nomination for her role in her mother’s songs.

It’s quite significant. Everything was incredibly scary while I was pregnant, so I guess this is another point in time moment for me,” she told PEOPLE. “People were warning me about the potential consequences and how terrible it could be for my career.

“Being pregnant is a new experience; no two people’s stories are the same. It is therefore truly amazing when one of my most anxious professional moments become one of my greatest ones. Having the award for her makes me feel honored.”

Working together on Monét’s song “Hollywood,” the mother-daughter team got Hazel nominated for best classic R&B performance.

Monét was a songwriter for celebrities including Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and Fifth Harmony before she became a prominent artist and gave birth to her first kid in February 2021 with her fitness trainer partner John Gaines. She has composed music for Ariana Grande as well.

Monét became one of six ladies to whom the 30-year-old singer of “thank u, next” notably gave a matching ring in 2019 as a thank you, referencing her popular song “7 Rings.”

“I had two of them since I was distraught when I lost the first one because I may be careless at times. Monét to PEOPLE last month, “That was the prior me, this is the current me, but Ariana felt awful so she got another one.”

“Then I came across the other one,” she said. She says, ‘Just take both,’ so I wear them piled since I have two.”

Monét explained that she named her album because “I connected the musical arts trade to the jungle… Although the jungle is a jaguar’s natural habitat, it’s not often what you see right away. That’s how I felt about working below the scenes in the music industry.


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