Prison Food Was “So Good,” According to Teresa Giudice, Who Often Made Her Specialty Dish for Other Inmates


Every morning, I was going to get a banana nut muffin, so when they ran out, I was really upset. Giudice informed the hosts of the “Hollywood Raw” podcast

Teresa Giudice asserts that not all prison food is unhealthy.

The 51-year-old The Real Housewives of New Jersey actress talked candidly about her incarceration during an appearance on the Hollywood Raw show with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn on Wednesday. She surprised the hosts by stating that she truly appreciated the dinner when they enquired about it.

Giudice admitted, “I must say that the food was quite good.” As a cook and three-time New York City Times best-seller of cookbooks, I really dined there as well.

Giudice, who served an 11-month prison sentence for fraud related to her former spouse Joe Giudice’s bankruptcy scam, disclosed that she frequently prepared meals for 200 other prisoners in the prison kitchen. The ingredients for the “camp-style” dinners were whatever was available to them that day, but Giudice’s specialty was a stir-fried chicken.

She said, “I’m telling you, the food was amazing. My favorite was the banana nut muffins they had when I initially got there.” They eventually ran out of the banana nut muffins that I had every morning, which infuriated me.

Giudice claimed that she is no longer afraid to discuss her experience in jail and that she occasionally still speaks with her former cellmate. Regarding the remainder of her incarceration, the TV celebrity expressed her gratitude for finding herself in a pleasant institution surrounded by kind individuals.

She stated, “It’s are doctors and lawyers and lots of cool people there. My neighbor was a politician.”

Giudice reflected that it seemed that she had gone to college, but she was unable to leave; I had to stay. She loved going outside, and it became one her favourite moments of the day.

She recalled how lovely the surroundings and the gardens were.

Despite this, Giudice stated that she done nothing wrong and believes the court was attempting to use her as an example. She stated that she never anticipated receiving a prison sentence when reflecting on her time in court.

The judge stated, “I wasn’t attempting to keep up with the Joneses,” adding that she assumed she knew me based on whatever my castmates had to say about me. My castmates were, if anything, attempting to stay up with me.


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