Phoebe, 21, of Bill and Melinda Gates, an amazes wearing a sheer, black gown at the Albie Awards: pictures


Phoebe, the daughter of Bill Gates, emulated classic Hollywood glamour while attending the Albie Awards alongside her famous mother in a transparent satin black column dress!

Phoebe Gates, the newest daughter of Bill Gates, 21, looked stylish at George Clooney’s Albie Honors on Monday in a black & sheer gown! In the pictures you can see here, the Harvard student was pictured standing next to her 59-year-old mother Melinda French Gates while donning a vintage-style black column gown with sheer underlay and sleeves. The neckline sparkled with exquisite beads. Phoebe completed the floor-length formal outfit with a sideswept updo and a pair of black heels. Her mother was dressed in a stunning blue one-shoulder dress with flowery accents at the shoulder. She also wore an updo with a curling tendril flowing down on the side of her face in her blonde hair. The mother of three and Phoebe were glowing as they cuddled for photograph.

It turns out that Phoebe is frank. That could be largely attributable to Melinda’s activism. And despite their glamorous personas, Melinda and Phoebe come off as approachable. Melinda revealed how she keeps her children “grounded” despite almost unimaginable riches in an interview for 2019 with John Legend.

She stated, “You start really young,” according to Town & Country in 2019. “When they’re little, you need to do it in very gentle ways…For instance, as you’re driving down the sidewalk, point out the differences between the various communities. Encourage your children to wonder why someone may be homeless in a place like ours, where we live in a wonderful home. Take them out into the community, to neighborhoods that are different from where they grew up, and encourage them to make connections with the locals there.

She went on to describe a time when she assisted her children with a charitable endeavor. “I recall taking all of my teenagers, when they were both young, out in Seattle,” she recalled. “It was the holiday season, and their school was organizing an activity to create boxes for the homeless so that they would have a box of toiletries when they checked into a shelter. We were assisting: We folded the boxes, added some soap, a razor, and a damp towel, and I was pleased with ourselves. Then, as my two children and I were leaving the community facility where we had built the boxes, I grabbed their hands and said, “Isn’t that great—we made these boxes for the homeless.”


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