Paul Smith speaks out on fashion, feels ‘tailoring will make a strong comeback’: ‘I’m a fan of classic shoes’


Paul expects that by blocking all screens, the “power of observation” will return and some creativity would be sparked.

The goal of Sir Paul Smith is to “redefine” the suit. The 77-year-old fashion designer, who founded his namesake menswear line in 1970, refuted claims that two-piece suits had gone out of style in favor of a more casual look and claimed that there are several ways to style suits in order to remain fashionable.

The Sunday Times Style magazine quoted him as saying, “Tailoring is coming back strongly.”

Sir Paul Smith said, “Redefining the suit was the theme of my most recent Paris presentation. Nowadays, a suit’s structure might be soft. It can feature drawstring pants, shoulder pads, or none, and it can be worn with a polo shirt and sneakers.

Additionally, the designer dislikes wearing sneakers and other casual shoes. Paul Smith responded, pointing to his own pair of brown brogues, “I’m a fan of classic shoes.”

Paul Smith doesn’t use email and forbids screens in his meetings because he thinks that today’s designers spend too much time copying social media trends rather than severing ties and forging their own paths.

It’s the same kind of collections at the same types of stores, he added. That everyone is prepared to be so alike is very depressing.

Paul expects that by banning screens, the “power of observation” will return and some creativity would be sparked.

I share a narrative about something I’ve witnessed with the team, he said. I display a book to them and exclaim, “Look at the colors!” See how the turquoise contrasts with the blue? That will serve as our color reference. I want them to see something unique in the actual world that they cannot find somewhere else, not simply gaze at it.


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