Paul Simon Remembers Being “Exhausted” from Carrie Fisher’s Marriage: “Mistakes on Top of Mistakes”


The renowned singer-songwriter claims in a vintage interview included in the documentary “In Restless Dreams are a The Music and Paul Simon” that his body was “exhausted” with “emotional upheaval.”

Paul Simon and Carrie Fisher during ‘The Goodbye People’ film premiere in New York City in 1984. Pictured is Ron Galalla. ASSEMBLY THROUGH GETTY

Remembering his “whirlwind” wedding to Carrie Fisher, Paul Simon does so.

In older interviews, the 82-year-old singer-songwriter discusses their connection in the recently released film In Restless Dreams are a The Music of Paul Simon. He remembers from one, “I got married in the midst of the reconciliation trip [with Art Garfunkel].” Carrie Fisher and I got married.

Simon explains a key distinction between himself and Fisher, who gained an abundance of notoriety from playing Princess Leia during the 1977 blockbuster film Star Wars and its follow-ups.

He claims that Carrie was far more focused on show business. “I agreed with that since she was raised in such environment and was accustomed to it. Press coverage and such were nothing new to her. Nothing about it felt intimidating. She was skilled at using it to her advantage. I wasn’t very good at it, but she was.

Paul Simon and Carrie Fisher during their August 1983 wedding.

In an interview, Simon’s longtime friend and best man at Fisher’s 1983 wedding, comedian and Saturday Night Live writer Lorne Michaels, stated, “We went to Greece for the engagement.” Paul hired a boat captain. For three days, I was seasick and spent my days at the rail, hoping to die. Apart from that, I had a great time.

He goes on, While there were many noteworthy aspects of the period, it was also problematic because it involved two persons at the height of their careers. It was all really whirlwind. Star Wars had put Carrie in a bubble of celebrity.

By July 1984, the couple—who had originally connected in the late 1970s while Fisher was shooting the first Star Wars film—had separated. Simon claims he was “exhausted” at the time of their divorce in a post-divorce interview that is featured in the documentary.

What on earth was I thinking? Without a doubt, not contemplating life, which you genuinely need to cease,” he remarks. “Getting married is really… It’s a challenging task. You must focus on the fact that not everything can occur simultaneously or be covered by the media. blunders of every kind layered upon blunders atop one another.

“I realized I could get tired by— I might exhaust oneself from emotion upheaval,” he continues.

Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon in 1983. GETTY – JEAN-JACQUES LAPEYRONNIE/GAMMA-RAPHO

In a previous interview, Fisher—who passed away in 2016—is questioned if she believed that getting married was the “wrong thing to do.” “Yes,” was her reply.

She goes on, “Well, because I believe that, at most, you may conclude from looking at me that I’m an interesting girlfriend. But a spouse? I predict that you will be let down. Paul, poor guy. With me, he had to endure a great deal. In the end, I believe I fit under the category of “good anecdote, bad reality.” I was pretty good with material things, but I was somewhat too much for him on a daily basis.

The couple dated intermittently for several years after getting divorced before calling it quits on their romance. Their turbulent relationship is characterized in Peter Ames Carlin’s biography Backwards Attached: the Life of Peter Simon as a combination of affection and personal issues, primarily because of episodes of despair, Fisher’s drug usage, and personal fears.

Carlin writes, “They fought a lot,” recounting one instance in which they screamed at each other before abruptly stopping because they were “laughing too loudly to snarl anymore.”

In August 1980, Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon were in New York City. GETTY’S RON GALELLA COLLECTION

Following their breakup, Simon married Edie Brickell in 1992. Adrian Edwards, 31, Lulu, 29, and Gabe Elijah, 25 are the couple’s three children. Fisher started dating Bryan Lourd, a talent agent. Together, they had one child, the 31-year-old actress Billie Lourd.

On Twitter the day following Fisher’s passing in 2016, Simon said, “Yesterday was a horrible day.” Carrie was a unique and amazing young lady. It’s premature.

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