On Saturday Night Live, Olivia Rodrigo plays a piano rendition of “Vampire” and riots on stage with “All-American Bitch”


The singer also included references from her second record, “Guts,” in a number of her outfit choices during her performances.

On her comeback to Saturday Night Live, Olivia Rodrigo gave two of her popular songs amusing new spins.

As a musical guest on Saturday Night Live, the 20-year-old singer performed for the second time, this time with host Adam Driver. She performed a new version of her songs “Vampire” and “All-American Bitch” for her audience during this visit.

Rodrigo opened the evening with a mellow piano performance of “Vampire.” She sung the song’s chorus with an emotive tone while sporting a glittering silver halter dress and a sleek hairdo. Notably, she had multiple rings on her right hand that together spelled the title of her second studio release, “Guts.”

With dozens of silver cutout stars hanging to the stage ceiling and a layer of blue fog covering the stage floor underneath the piano, the setup of the stage was meant to resemble a dream.
She brought the drama for her “All-American Bitch” performance, her second. Beginning with a modest and innocent setup, Rodrigo sat behind a table laden with cakes and other treats, sipping tea while wearing a pink dress with a high neck.

When the song reached its climax, though, she let loose her darker side. She jumped on and laid down on the table, cut the cake with a knife, and danced on the candies while the lighting changed to suit her mood. To depict the mayhem, the lighting changed from a brilliant white to short red bursts.

She even applied some blood-red cake to her face, clothes, and white stockings to accentuate the lyrics, which may have hinted to the “guts” of her record. She amusedly stuck her lip out at the photographers after her performances.

In 2021, Rodrigo debuted on Saturday Night Live (SNL) by singing the beloved songs “Driver’s License” and “Good 4 U,” which she had never performed live before. She shared her thoughts about being on the popular NBC sketch comedy show on social media after the show.

That, in fact, was the most anxious, emotional, and joyful thing I have ever done. She posted a short Instagram Story with the comment, “Thank you 4ever,” and a picture of an SNL note with her initials on it.

By serving as the inspiration for a Bridgerton comedy in February of that year, the actress and High School Musical: The Musical’s star had already gained attention from the audience. Coincidentally, the sketch aired on her birthday.

She said, “Drivers a license SNL Skit is the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER IM SHAKING,” on X, the former Twitter platform. She continued by informing her followers that she was “losing her mind” over the gift.

Rodrigo is extremely happy about his current six Grammy nominations. At the Hunger Games: The Songs of The songbirds and Snake launch in Los Angeles in November, she spoke exclusively to PEOPLE and expressed how “such an honor” it is to be nominated for six Grammy Awards.

Indeed. So crazy. Being acknowledged by the music industry in such a remarkable way is just such a thrill and such a pleasure, Rodrigo told PEOPLE. “I am so appreciative.”


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