Offering Sunset’s Bre Tiesi, Who Has a Significant Temporary Hair Change, Blonde


The Netflix star adopted bleach-blonde waves in place of her customary dark hair, but by Monday, she returned to her original black color.

March 2024 will see Bre Tiesi. Picture: GC/BAUER-GRIFFIN/RACHPOOT

Bre Tiesi is experimenting to determine if blondes enjoy themselves more!

The 32-year-old star of Selling Sunset stunned her social media fans on Friday by going out in public sporting blonde hair.

The real estate agent from California posed for several photos, which she posted on Instagram in a carousel. She accessorized her stylish black trousers suit combination with a black tie and a white collar button-down shirt.

With the comment “Bodies over bodies, over bodies over bodies 😝,” she shared the picture.

Tiesi looked stunning in a pair pf white shoes along with a black handbag for the pictures.

The most striking aspect of her appearance, though, was the way she replaced her trademark dark hair with blonde beach waves. Although the model has previously been blonde, viewers of the show on Netflix have recognized her as a brunette ever since she joined the Oppenheim Group in season six.

Christine Quinn (right) and Bre Tiesi (left). RACHPOOT/GRIFFIN-BAUER/GC; RACHPOOT-GRIFFIN-BAUER/GC

One commenter seemed to have to perform a double take when mentioning Christine Quinn, a Selling Sunset regular who had previously left the program. “I assumed this was Catherine at first haha,” the individual wrote.

Another person shared the same thought, “I assumed you were both Christine for a minute.”

While Tiesi’s admirers applauded her new appearance, others missed the person they knew.

One user said, “The blonde is gorgeous, yet the black hair really an intimidating move.”

According to someone else, the hue can be transient: “Probably a wig 😅.”

Tiesi’s dark hair seems to have returned by the conclusion of the weekend.

She uploaded two images to her Instagram account on Monday. The first featured a clothes advertisement showcasing her waist-length dark locks, and the subsequent one included a comedy she did with Nick Cannon.

In a video where the 43-year-old Masked Singer presenter and the model claimed her freshly manicured nails were enough to pierce through his shirt, the caption said, “When she has longer nails… @bre_tiesi.”

On Monday, Tiesi also posted a Stories video in which she was sitting in a car and had black hair once more.

When she rejoined our Sunset Selling team, she and Cannon welcomed the birth of their son Legendary Adore Canon together in July 2022.

Cast of “Selling Sunset” season seven. NETFLIX COURTESY

As if the streaming service’s series wasn’t already a huge success, the ladies’ sophisticated style has drawn viewers in almost as much as the drama.

Tiesi said that the ladies on the show created their attention-grabbing wardrobes entirely on their own in a special conversation in PEOPLE from the previous summer.

In July 2023, Tiesi said to PEOPLE, “No budget.” They neither provide assistance nor cover any costs. I want to be really clear about that.

She acknowledged at the time that the bizarre kind of material is typically not [bought]. Though I have no words for everyone, I know that they typically draw me in.


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