Never Beating the Sorcery Allegations: Taylor Swift Shares a Moment of Flying Plane Matching the Lyrics to “Labyrinth”


The Grammy winner’s song referenced a plane, and that same moment one passed over the Buenos Aires arena.

With her Eras tour, Taylor Swift is adding a little bit of magic!

Following the start of her Eras Tour in Latin America on the following day, the pop sensation shared a humorous Instagram after her first show in Buenos Aires.

Swift posted a video of herself playing the piano and singing an acoustic rendition of “Labyrinth” from her Upcoming album Midnights on Monday. The performance took place on Thursday.

A jet can be seen over the country’s Estadio River Plate in the footage. “I though the aircraft was going down / How’d you turn it back around?” sang the 33-year-old as it passed by.

Swift said in the post’s caption, “Never beating the sorcery allegations ✨🛬✨.”

Swift’s acoustic version of “Labyrinth,” one of the two “surprise songs” for the Thursday show, was her first live performance of the song. Swift also played “The Very First Night,” which is a Red (Taylor’s Version) “From the Vault” track.

The final verse to “Labyrinth,” which starts, “Uh oh, I’m dying in love / Oh no, I’m losing in love anew / Oh, I’m falling in love,” was played throughout the entire sequence.

During her new relationship with Kansas City Royals tight end Travis Kelce, “Labyrinth” was included in the set list.

The singer continued to drop surprises after her Thursday night performance. Kelce was present in the audience on Saturday for Swift’s second performance in Buenos Aires. The well-known Midnights song “Karma” had its words altered by the Talk Now singer during the performance.

The pop sensation altered the song’s words, crooning, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs going straight home to me,” which made 34-year-old Kelce smile broadly. The father of the lavender-hued singer also applauded enthusiastically, giving Kelce a shoulder tap and clapping.

As the crowd applauded, Kelce covered his head with his hands in disbelief before raising them and bobbing his head in time with the music.

Swift looked to give Kelce a warm smile from the front row as he waved and kissed her at the conclusion of the song in another video that a fan uploaded a few moments later.

The couple was seen celebrating together after the show. The “Lavender Haze” singer was seen by fans running off stage to kiss the NFL player.

Next, on November 17–26, Swift will travel to Brazil to play three shows in the city of Rio and three in São Paulo. The Eras Tour for 2023, which started in North America in March, is coming to an end with its Latin American leg.

The artist has dates to tour Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the United Kingdom as part of the Eras Tour in 2019.


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