Movies Are the “Only Thing I Really Understand in This Life,” According to Natasha Lyonne


Lyonne also referred to artificial intelligence as a “fair and serious foe” to the film business before presenting the AMPAS Sci-Tech Award on Friday.

Natasha Lyonne attends the Scientific and Technical Awards ceremony of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Picture credit: Wireimage/Amy Susman

Natasha Lyonne is thinking back on her passion for movies!

Prior to presenting the Scientific from Technical Awards (AMPAS Sci-Tech Award) on behalf of the Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences on Friday, Lyonne spoke with a group of reporters and PEOPLE the significance of her career in the media.

She declared, “I love movies,” adding that these are the only things in life that truly make sense to her.

The 44-year-old actress went on, “They’ve got things I like: music, stories, images, and they’ll crush your heart, make you smile, and the whole rest.”

Natasha Lyonne attends the Scientific and Technical Awards ceremony of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. SUSSMAN AMY/WIREIMAGE

The Academy website states that the AMPAS Sci-Tech Prizes commemorate individuals and organizations who, via various discoveries and breakthroughs, have had a major and long-lasting affect on the film business.

Lyonne thought about how the honorees’ accomplishments will affect the industry’s future before the presentation took place at the National Museum of Film and Television in Los Angeles.

As we proceed into this profound future in which we found yourself in here in 2024, I do think and the specific aspects that we’re honoring tonight are very exceptional, she remarked. [Stanley] Kubrick was limited in his imagination to Prince 1999 and 2001. Thus, in my opinion, it’s the right place to be.

When asked about AI’s threat to the entertainment industry, the Russian Doll star did not mince words; she described it as a formidable and fair opponent.

She said, Unless we get that tiny b—- and give it to the appropriate, safe people. “Hopefully, as a team, we’ll work through all of that.


Though Lyonne first gained recognition in 1999 with the publication of But I’m a Cheerleader and American Pie, she has since become rather well-known for her work in TV series such as Orange Are the New Black, Casino Face, and Russian Doll.

TV and movies “can coexist on a particular kind of ideal world i envision for ourselves,” she joked during the awards presentation. “I think it’s possible,” she said.


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