Monica Garcia of RHOSLC says that the show “sucked” before she joined and compared herself to Kim Kardashian


Monica purportedly stated in a voice recording played by Heather Gay, “F—ing Kim Kardashian was an f—ing secretary and take a look at that bitch now.”

Jen Shah was allegedly involved in Monica Garcia’s ambitious plans to launch her in reality TV royalty.

During the first episode of season 4 reunion of The Real Housewives in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, the forty-year-old single mother described her casting as Jen’s former secretary and compared herself to celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

In response to a question about her connection with Jen, Monica disclosed that the jailed reality star and she were previously close until their bond turned into an employer-employee relationship and ultimately into mortal “enemies.”

Monica recounted doing things like fetching Jen food or ensuring that that she arrived on time to “her stupid meetings for whatever,” explaining that Jen would frequently need “help” in her “life.”

Knowing everything now that I look back, I’m like, “Okay, I get it.” She explained, “I almost felt like I was more like a friend because of the things I could do for her,” before disclosing the reason she accepted a job that paid poorly. She was, really, a buddy of mine. She required assistance. That wasn’t how it began. I said to her, “I can help you till you need somebody,” when we were just friends.

Then Heather Gay approached her, accusing her of having hidden agendas and claiming to have a Kim K. I’ll start off as a secretary and see where it takes me, and look where it took her? moment, something Monica refuted.

Monica, there was something you stated that I wanted you to hear. Heather shot back, “Just to be clear,” and then played an audio of an accent that resembled Monica’s.

Monica purportedly stated on Heather’s phone, “F—ing Kim Kardashian was an f—ing secretary and look at that bitch now.” I freely acknowledge that my entire motivation for working as an attendant and bearing up with that s— was to use the experience as a springboard and a teaching tool.

While Monica acknowledged that she attempted to get cast on RHOSLC, she did not refute Heather’s charges or say that she would “always find herself on the show.” According to the author of The Bad Mormon: A Memoir, Monica never had a “friend helping [Jen]”—rather, she had a “agenda.”

“No, I didn’t,” Monica shot back. “I had no idea that she was in the show when I first met her. To be honest, I applied to be on the show in the same way as everyone else seated here.”

Monica clarified that she sent a note via email to casting. “My name is Monica Fowler, and your show is going to be cancelled because you don’t have the right cast. It sucks & your ratings are bad.”

“I stated just that. I’m being truthful,” she said, shrugging as she displayed the real email she wrote to casting.

“Speaking with you about your casting call!” It was read. Would appreciate additional details regarding what must be done or the best course of action. A fiery ex-communicated Latina needs to be on the show right away! You can trust me!’— Monica F.

Bravo broadcasts The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City on television every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.


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