“Might as Well Run Through All the Colors,” says Megan Fox, explaining her inspiration for her blue hair (exclusive)


“I think it’s essential to just be yourself and not alter your entire style simply for a the celebration,” Fox says over the weekend of Coachella to PEOPLE.

Megan Fox makes her blue hair debut. Pictured by Megan Fox on Instagram

This is Megan Fox’s time to embrace herself.

During Coachella weekend, on Friday, April 12, PEOPLE met up with the 37-year-old actress at the Celsius Cosmic Dunes party, where she shared the story behind her new blue hair.

She describes her current hairstyle as a “blue bob,” with acrylic blue extensions added for the festival. We incorporated the extensions to give it a more Coachella vibe. I believe that I damaged and bleached it. I might as well use up every color before turning brown.

Megan Fox flaunts her hair transition to blue. Instagram/Fox Mix Megan

The striking hue goes well with Fox’s ensemble, which she “threw together” and comprises .
Fox “threw together” this outfit consisting of a white free-spirited bodysuit, black leather jacket, and denim shorts from Levi’s. The striking hue goes well with it.

The Jennifer Lawrence star tells PEOPLE that uniqueness is key to her festival season wardrobe.

Megan Fox flaunts her hair transition to blue. Instagram/Fox Mix Megan

“I believe it’s crucial to stay true to yourself and not alter your entire look just for a festival,” she says. Fox experimented with lengthy golden rose hair before undergoing her most recent hair makeover.

In a post to Instagram on Sunday afternoon, March 31, the movie star hinted that she was prepared for a change, writing, “in remembrance of my pink-haired era february 2020-april 2024.”

On Tuesday, April 2, Fox made her new hair public by saying, “entering my Jedi era,” next to a string of seductive Instagram images.

Dimitris Giannetos, her hairstylist, posted a carousel on Instagram to describe how he applied L’Oréal Paris Féria Multi-Faceted Glowing grains Permanent Hair Color in Sapphire Smoke.

MAGGAN FOX 🔥 “Blank bob and blue jeans hair color for the one and only @meganfox!” Giannetos mentioned.

Megan Fox with her new hair, before and after. DIMITRIS GIANNETOS/INSTAGRAM; MEGAN FOX/INSTAGRAM

In March, Fox revealed whether or not she had any cosmetic surgery when she appeared on Alex the Cooper’s Call Her Papa podcast.

In my early twenties, I had surgery on my nose. I have been charged of having six, seven, or eight rhinoplasty procedures; the accusation is that you would develop necrosis and eventually lose your nose. I would estimate that I was 23 years old when I previously had a rhinoplasty. Fox stated, “It’s been well over ten years.” Since then, I haven’t touched my nose.


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