Matt Damon spends a day in Miami Beach without a shirt on—see the pictures


The couple, who are 52 and married, were spotted swimming together.

Over twenty years after their wedding, Matt Damon still adores Luciana, the woman who became his wife.

The duo was captured in images only obtained by PEOPLE on Monday enjoying a day at the beach in Miami. The two made the decision to take advantage of the sunshine in southern Florida as their summer, which had been emphasized by Matt’s leading role in the popular movie Oppenheimer as drew to an end.

On the beach and occasionally in the water, Matt, 52, and Luciana, 47, are conversing with one another. While his wife wore a blue bikini, the actor chose to swim shirtless, donning only a black swimming suit and sunglasses.

The two were captured immersing themselves in the ocean up to his knees as they had a bath in the Atlantic Ocean, playing it reasonably cautiously. When they were in the sandy beach and in the water’s edge, both of them stood close to one another, Luciana flashing a bright smile.

Just a few months have passed since Matt and Luciana’s previous beach holiday, which was an island-hopping tour of the Greek island of Cyclades. Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth, and other buddies went on the trip with the celebrity and his wife, as PEOPLE previously revealed.

Chris’ wife, Elsa Pataky, revealed to PEOPLE about her friendship with Matt and Luciana in January 2018: “Chris has been a big fan of Matt Damon, and me too. Then when I met his wife, I’m even more of a fan of his wife.” They are such incredible individuals. We wound up creating parallel plans considering everything we do w our kids is easier to do because we have three kids and they have four kids.

Matt and Luciana were also seen making out during a trip to Mykonos’ renowned Paraga Beach during their stay there over the summer. PEOPLE was given photos from that day capturing Matt caressing his wife’s tummy while she had her arms over his shoulders.

Between Matt’s highly acclaimed role as Oppenheimer or commemorating 20 years of marriage, 2023 has been a significant year for the couple.

In a Jake’s Takes interview, Matt remarked of Luciana, “I certainly put myself, in a great way thanks to her, at having a professional actress. & being an actor with experience is putting in the 15-hour workday and giving it your all, even if you know it will end in failure. You’re a pro if you can accomplish that with the best attitude imaginable. She was a huge assistance to me in that regard.


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