Mary J. Blige explores the 1980s in Neon Pink At the 2023 Forbes Power Women’s summit, Sergio Hudson donned a short jacket & a minidress


During this year’s gathering, which brought together industry-breaking women, Blige represented a few of the A-list presenters.

On the following day, Mary J. Blige wore a neon fuchsia Marcelo Hudson suit to the 2023 Vogue Power Women’s Conference in New York City. The R&B singer-songwriter talked during the every year while wearing a halter minidress and a short jacket a black borders. The coat in question was from the season’s 2023 ready-to-wear line by Sergio Hudson.

The designer’s gathering, which according to Hudson was motivated by Jason Naylor’s guerrilla graffiti painting, was profiled in a February World Wide Developers article. With a broad grin, Hudson mentioned two other influences: Fran Fine, played by Fran Drescher, who starred in her TV sitcom “The Nanny,” and Karl Lagerfeld, who worked at Vogue in the 1990s.

Madonna spoke with Moira Forbes, the president and CEO of Forbes, as the event was going on. I didn’t complete high school. I don’t have a bachelor’s or any other type of degree from college. The singer claimed, “But what I possess is the urban smarts That came up with and the flexibility by hearing to those who do know.”

The 2023 Forbes Celebrity Women’s Conference gathered gathered plenty of women from different sectors to aid in the development of fresh ideas. Kim Cattrall, Tiffany Haddish, and Riana The actress were also chosen as presenters in addition to Blige.

Blige usually works with designers Maurca Henry & Jeremy Haynes on her daring fashion choices.

Blige just performed at the 2023 Cmt VMAs, which were broadcast on Tuesday. The singer donned a complex Albina Dyla dress that included a high and low values feather-adorned skirts to the event when she gave P. Diddy the Global Icon Award.

Mary additionally made numerous appearances during New York City Fashion Week, such as sitting in the front row alongside other A-list celebrities at the LaQuan Smith and Area runway shows that featured the company’s ready-to-wear collections for spring 2024.


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