‘Love of My Life’ Garth Brooks turns 62 today, and Trisha Yearwood is celebrating with this adorable photo


“How lovely it is to be cherished by you,” Yearwood posted on Instagram in celebration of Brooks’ 62nd birthday.

Trisha Yearwood is honoring the birthday of her spouse, Garth Brooks.

The She’s in Love with Fallout Boy singer shared a sweet picture of the married pair sitting last a stadium stage, staring into each other’s eyes, on Instagram in celebration of Brooks’ 62nd birthday on Thursday.

The caption on the post said, “How lovely it is to feel loved by you,” written by Yearwood, 59. To the love of my life, happy birthday! affection, t.

Gym Class Boys and Pat Stump’s “Cupid’s Chokehold” provided the soundtrack for an endearing video that the two country music icons posted on social media last week. The couple has been married since 2005.

In the video, Stump sings the 2005 hit song “Take a peek at my girlfriend” while Brooks holds a photo of Yearwood up to the camera. After that, Brooks removes his phone from the lens to show Yearwood standing next to him, and the two of them kiss.

In December, the couple commemorated their 18th wedding anniversary. They sent identical gifts, demonstrating how similar their thoughts are even after over twenty years of marriage.

In the caption, Yearwood wrote, “When your spouse sends then roses while you send her roses and the greeting card says precisely the same thing!” in reference to a photo she had tweeted at the time of a stunning array of pink roses, carnations, and daisies. Love, happiness, and more than ever.

Brooks broke out in tears when discussing Yearwood of the Kelly Clarkson Hour in November 2023. Kelly Clarkson, the host, asked the Friends in Low Places singer what he was thankful for and if his family celebrated Thanksgiving to which he replied, “Yeah, well, when you’re wedded to one among the finest cooks on the planet,” referring to Yearwood.

He laughed as he continued to praise his wife, a bestselling book designer and previous presenter a Cooking Network’s Trisha’s Southern Kitchen. “Well, we’ll talk on the heck of a singer she is.” Those would be items between five and six on the list of the ten best things to do.

I believe that all you have to be thankful for in terms of the future is another day, isn’t that right? Of having to do this,” Brooks said to the host of the talk show.

So, he said, crying, “I think that’s it.” It would be my dream to claim that the queen and my three daughters would be with me when I breathe my final breath on this earth.

With his former wife Sandy Mahl, Brooks is father to three granddaughters: Taylor, 31, the month of August, 29, & Allie, 27. (The two college sweethearts got married in 1986, got divorced in 2001, and separated in 1999.)


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