Live updates for The Bachelor Finale: Will Joey Graziadei Pick Daisy Kent or Kelsey Anderson?


In the final three hours of season 28, Bachelor Joey will give away his last rose.

Joey Graziadei, Daisy Kent, and Kelsey Anderson on The Bachelor. IMAGE: Disney/John Fleenor

The time has finally come for Joey Graziadei to give out the last rose during The Bachelor’s season 28 finale.

However, the 28-year-old Royersford, Pennsylvania tennis star will first present Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson to his caregivers, go on some last dates, examine the rings for engagement, and stew before he can decide between them.

When we last saw him, he was undoubtedly stewing as he got over the shock of finding out that Kelsey had written, “We have to talk,” following their overnight dates. She just wanted to let him know how badly she regretted him, which relieved him.

In the trailers for the season finale, Joey says to his mother, “I’m just anxious about everything turning out.

We’re going to find out now if everything does end up working out. Watch this space for live updates as we find out Joey’s current situation and fate during the three-hour finale program and beyond.

Happy Anniversary, Bachelor Nation!

The now-iconic scene of Joey crying on the last day of the show opened the show. Jesse Palmer, the host, was enveloped by fans and former Bachelor Nation members in the studio.

It’s a significant day, Palmer said. The Bachelor’s 22nd anniversary of its launch is today, March 25. What an adventure!

Jesse Palmer and Joey Graziadei. Disney/JOHN FLEENOR

We’re going to the races now, and first Joey tells us about how he first met Daisy and Kelsey.

“I had been intrigued by Her from night one,” stated the man.

He stated about Daisy, “She got a hold on me right away. Every time I see her, something about her smile hits me anew.

One Last Look-Back at Daisy and Kelsey’s Journeys

The nice people at The Bachelor & ABC released a great film of each of the passionate times Diego enjoyed enjoying with Daisy & Kelsey, through their initial rose ceremony to their last one, before he bids farewell to each of his last two lovely girls.

It’s obvious how sweet their relationship is. Watch it right here:


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