Lisa Vanderpump’s New Show’s ‘Glamorous’ First Teaser Features “Know How to Serve” Vanderpump Villa Stars


In the teaser, Lisa Vanderpump instructs her new crew, “You can do anything you want beneath the scenes, but when you’re around the guests, don’t get sloppy.”

On Vanderpump Villa, Lisa Vanderpump is not playing around.

The drama-filled antics of the crew at Vanderpump’s French countryside mansion, Chateau Rosabelle, are glimpsed in the first trailer of the upcoming Hulu series generated by the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum.

In the one-minute teaser, Vanderpump, 63, introduces the employees to their new workplace. The opening scene of the video features the Vanderpump Rules star strolling through Chateau Rosabelle’s hallways while Fergie’s “Glamorous” plays in the background.

The initial staff meeting, in which Vanderpump outlines her expectations for her new staffers, is then partially shown in the teaser. “I have chosen each of guys from some of the best eating establishments, drinking establishments, and kitchens,” the restaurateur says to her recently hired servers.

“I’m sure you’re a skilled server. But let’s talk expectations—this is France, after all,” says Vanderpump.

The preview ends before the TV personality can reveal more about what to expect when Vanderpump turns to Andre Mitchell, one of the villa’s mixologists, and asks, “Why do you look so scared?”

Mitchell shakes his head and his eyes widen in response.

Then, the film abruptly switches from showcasing the employees’ effortless performance of their hospitality tasks to their taking use of the benefits of the French country estate.

Vanderpump tells the actors, “You can do what you’d like behind the curtain, but when you’re around the guests, don’t get sloppy,” as photos of the group lounging around the villa’s large pool are shown.

That’s obviously easier said than done, as evidenced by the way the crew handles errors and mishaps on the site with both the visitors and themselves.

Lead server Marciano Blue is seen on camera telling his colleagues to “Stop talking!” at one point. What? Another employee can be heard yelling back. How come? How come?

As the controversy intensifies, Vanderpump corrects the record and chastises her employees. “This is not ‘Chateau S—show!'”

The new series promises “debauchery and chaos,” according to a release from the network, as the staff members carry out their job responsibilities — curating extravagant experiences along with available to the whims the company’s clientele — while navigating their individual social skills rivalries and, yes, romances. This sounds a lot like Vanderpump’s Bravo reality series, Vanderpump Rules.

The aforementioned lead server Brunette, mixologist Mitchell, telly Hall, chief culinary officer Anthony the bar, sous chef Caroline to consider Byl, housekeepers Emily the author and Grace Cottrell, servers Priscila Ferrari and Hannah Fouch, and Chateau manager Eric Funderwhite are all featured in the series.

The actors are American, having moved from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, New York, and St. Augustine, Florida, to be stationed in France for the duration of the production.

As a test by Vanderpump to see if the restaurateur will turn the villa into a full-fledged hotel, Chateau Rosabelle is a pop-up experience in the first season, so the staff is constantly being assessed, which heightens the drama.

The Hulu series has not yet been given a premiere date, but it is scheduled to debut this spring.


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