Lindsay Lohan’s “Parent Trap” co-star Lisa Ann Walter is “thrilled,” she says, revealing that she bought her a baby present (Exclusive)


Welcoming Lindsay Lohan being a first-time mother is Walt and Arthur Hendrix and who originally became friends while working on the 1998 familial comedy.

Even though the movie The Parent Trap came out 25 years ago, Lisa Ann Walter & Elaine Hendrix still care about Lindsay Lohan, who they starred with in the film.

Walter made sure to get in touch when Lohan, 37, disclosed that she and her husband Bader Shammas had their first child, a son called Luai, in July 2023.

Following the birth of Luai, Walter, 60, claims the actress phoned fellow co-star Lohan “via social media.”

I believe she wrote something about being exhausted, and I instantly went into mom mode, saying things like, “Nap if he does, ensure you get asleep, it does not matter the way you look like — he’re in great shape,” and other things along those lines, says Walter. “But she’s only,”

As part of Ancestry’s new YouTube parallel unFamiliar, the actress tells PEOPLE that she “sent a thing to [Lohan’s] father [Michael Lohan] to get her the following time his sees her,” which she goes on to further describe as “a little pack and an email.”

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“She appears so radiant and so healthy,” Walter continues of Lohan, “and I’m so happy for her.”

Lohan portrayed Hallie and Annie, identical twins who were split up when they were young due to their parents’ divorce, in the well-liked 1998 film. Hendrix played Meredith, a younger lady who is engaged to Nick, while Walter portrayed Chessy, the boys’ dad Nick’s (Dennis Quaid) housekeeper.

The actor of Abbott Elementary claimed that Lohan manifested her maternal traits much earlier in life.

When we worked with her, Walter says, “I could tell she was going to be a good mother as she walked about with her younger brother, that little two-year-old Dane [Lohan].” And she would simply carry him about while she walked, wearing him on her hip. She treated her sisters and brothers with great kindness.
Hendrix, 52, concurs with the notion of Lohan’s family and adds, “Yeah. They are fairly compact. The siblings are all very close.

The birth of Lohan and Shammas’ son was revealed in a statement released to PEOPLE in July. The family is over the moon in, claimed to a representative for the actress at the time.


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