Lily Allen states that she doesn’t like Beyoncé’s rendition of “Jolene”


The fact that the “Cowboy Carter” singer would decide to “enclose some of the most famous songs within this genre” struck Allen as “very weird.”

Beyoncé and Lily Allen. IMAGE: GETTY (2)

Lily Allen isn’t a huge fan of Beyoncé’s rendition of “Jolene.”

The 38-year-old Allen and her companion Miquita Oliver cohost the Miss Me? blog on Wednesday, April 3. During the show, the two discussed their opinions of the 32-time Grammy successful, because 42, performing a Dolly Parton songs classic.

Oliver, 39, remarked, “I don’t believe the ‘Jolene’ one’s own good,” in reference to Cowboy Carter, Beyoncé’s eighth studio album.

Allen retorted, “That’s really strange for you to cover the biggest hits in that genre.”

However, I also think “Jolene” is a really great song. I find it so brilliant that I’ve listen to the narrative about how Dolly Parton penned it in roughly 20 minutes over and over. Oliver remarked, “And I have no idea, it just felt like a standard hip-hop beat underneath a ‘Jolene’ cover.”


“It’s desire, “Let’s explore something with this song,” she continued. In the event that we disassemble and reassemble it. Bey might have done a little more with that, in my opinion.

Yes, I think it’s an intriguing thing to try when you’re attempting to approach something unfamiliar instead of just pick the biggest song,” Allen said in agreement.

Beyoncé, you really are doing her, but you do you. Is she acting like Dolly? the singer of “Hard Out Here” stated.

The Houston native has just made history by being the first Black female singer to ever reach the top of the Hot Country Tracks list with her tune “Texas Hold ‘Emily” in February, notwithstanding how Allen and Oliver believe.

The Hot 90 chart saw the same song debut at No. 2 as well.

After the accomplishment, the 78-year-old Parton herself gave her praise.

In an Instagram statement on February 22, the original “Jolene” hitmaker stated, “I’m an avid follower of Beyonce and am thrilled that she’s done a country album.” Congratulations, then, on your number one single on Billboard Hot Country.

Dolly Parton, Beyoncé. GETTY (2)

In the past, she had expressed her desire for “someone like Beyoncé” to rerecord the timeless song.

Other country musicians, like as Maren Morris and Carlene, the daughter of June Carter Cash, have praised the Renaissance singer.

Beyoncé stated on Instagram i the effort “was born as a result of a situation which I had long ago in which I felt less than welcomed” when she revealed the title of her album back in mid-March.

“This album isn’t country. This is an album by Beyoncé. I’m excited to share act two of COWBOY CARTER with you all, she said.


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