Leonardo DiCaprio Criticises Hollywood’s “Checkered History” for Representing Native Americans


The “Killers of the Flower Moon” actress stated, “We are approaching an enormous settlement with our heritage.”

Regarding previous portrayals of Native Americans in Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio believes that more needs to be done.
Previous the latest performers’ strike, DiCaprio, 48, and the Killer as well as Flower Moon co-star Lily Gladstone talked to Vogue UK. They expressed admiration for the way their Martín Scorsese-directed movie portrays a time period known to Osage Nation residents as the Night on Terror in the interview.
Hollywood’s portrayal of Native Americans has a long tradition and a murky past, according to DiCaprio. “More needs to be done. We are about to have a major reckoning with our past, you know.

The more these tales can be recounted honestly, he continued, the more of a healing process it may be.

The Osage County Murders with the Birth of the FBI was based on Charles Grann’s 2017 book Killer of the Flower Moon, and it tells the true story of Earnest Burkhart (DiCaprio) & Molly Kyle (Gladstone).

After Burkhart immigrated to Louisiana in the 1920s in an effort to cash in on the Osage oil boom, the unusual couple started dating.
Because of the oil that existed on their property at that point, the Native Americans who lived on the Osage Reservation were largely independent millionaires. Their prosperity came to an end when White residents planned a string of murders directed at the Osage people.

DiCaprio or Gladstone were drawn to the movie in part because it sheds light on this obscure period of history.

Gladstone remarked that the time of the reign the Terror had not been that long ago. I’m not going to call this a Western. I’m glad that it’s being classified as a tragedy.

“It’s a completely forgotten period of history in America and a deep wound that still festers,” said DiCaprio.
While the majority of the film’s production team was White, Senior Chief Geoffrey Sitting Bear of the Osage tribe reportedly gave the film his full backing, according to Vogue UK. Gladstone sees the cast and crew as allies for her part.

Nobody will give an Osage maker $200 million, she said, according to the publication. There is a certain amount of allyship that is definitely required.

DiCaprio drew comparisons between the Oklahoma Racial Massacre and the Reign of Terror. While the movie was being made, DiCaprio stayed in Tulsa, and he revealed to Vogue UK that his stay there fell on the anniversary of the centennial of the first murder in the Black Wall Street Murder as well as the start of a reign of Horror on the Osage Nation.

It was crucial for him to understand that there were many extremely prejudiced White individuals living alongside people of colour who were independently affluent and who wanted to exploit those resources at all costs.

“Observe Standing Rock. Take a look at what’s happening in the Amazon and in Indonesia. These locations are the most bloody, even though they are home to amazing treasures.

Hunters of the Flowers Moon notably features Robert De Niro, Jesse Plemons, Tantoo Cardinal, John Lithgow, Brendan Fraser, and Cara Jade Myers in addition to DiCaprio and Gladstone.

The 80-year-old Scorsese recently admitted to Time magazine that he altered a draught of Killer of the Flowers Moon to change the focus away from the White characters.

It disturbed him that he was approaching the project from the outside in. “After some point, I realised I had created a motion picture concerning all the White guys,” he remarked.

On October 20, the film will premiere in theatres before being streamed on Apple TV+.


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