Laughs from Cailee Spaeny Her & Elordi, Jacob, were “good study buddies” while doing the Pauline study


In order get ready to the movie, Jacob Elordi claimed that co-star Cailee Spaeny kept a journal of every aspect of Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley’s romance down to the year.

The Presley homework was completed by Cailee Spaeny & Jacob Elordi.

In order to maintain track with the time line of Presley’s affair with Priscilla Lynn Presley as the movie cuts back and forth between 1959 and 1973, Spaeny, thirty-five and Elordi, 26, said they pooled their minds during an announcement for Sofia Coppola’s new film Priscilla on Friday at the New York Film Festival.

When asked how the performers handled scenes in the movie where a lot of time passes, Cailee’s performance is flawless, Elordi responded, “There isn’t a gap in Cailee’s acting at all. “I would enter the set and ask, “What decade is this?’ because I am a performer who is generally well-prepared. When she pulled out a screenplay, she would see that everything was categorized by year. So any in those suggestive gaps, Kaylee would be fully aware of what had occurred.

Spaeny remarked, “We were great study partners. “We’d think to ourselves, ‘This [scene] appears to be like ’65!'”

Spaeny and Elordi, he continued, “grew really geeky with this entire thing.”

I believe we kind of crossed paths in the middle of those gaps to the point where we each developed a unique understanding of the entire history, not just what was presented on film, he added. I sort of constructed Elvis and Cailee developed Priscilla [as characters].

Priscilla follows the legendary couple’s relationship from their initial meeting in Europe to Cleopatra’s determination to divorce Elvis in the early ’70s. The two are now 78 years old. A granddaughter, late singer Lisa Marie Presley, was born to the couple along the road.

Spaeny said to journalists that Elizabeth “was extremely kind and took her time” when the two initially met to discuss the part, it turned to a four-hour talk. Spaeny also starred in the 2018 films Upon the Foundation of Sex and the 2021 film How It Ends.

I actually want to ensure that clear it was not like I meant to [interrogate her] or anything, Spaeny said, for her to take the time and thoroughly go through the tale and relive everything with me. I simply attempted to take a back seat and learn how much sarah felt free to share with me.

But she continued, “Just being in her presence and in sight of her was incredibly enlightening as I tried to give my own rendition of her narrative. She is a woman representing another era and time. Actually, she is American royalty. As a result, it’s crucial how she carries herself both now and while [preparing], as well as way she communicates and lives.


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