Kody from Sister Wives says he feels guilty for not loving two wives and says he doesn’t “want to talk to Janelle ever again”


Although there is evident hostility between the ex-sister wives and the family patriarch Kody, Robyn Brown has expressed to PEOPLE her optimism that the family will eventually function as a one.

Kody Brown had no plans to get back together with Janelle Brown, his second wife.

In a preview for the next Sister Brides: One on 1 Special, the 54-year-old reality star said that after their split last year, he had no desire to get back in touch with his 54-year-old ex-wife.

He says to moderator Sukanya Krishnan, “I thought to myself, I never want to have to talk to Janelle again,” while Robyn Brown begs in a different moment. “You should fight for your six children.”

Before their relationship failed, Kody acknowledges that he “told her I enjoyed her and I determined to love her” about his first wife, Meri Brown.

Later, Janelle women Christine Brown assert that Kody, as a “grown man,” can answer for the events in their marriages. However, before he mentions the remarks made by two unnamed women, this is not made clear. “They are disparaging me because I have failed to show them love.”

Although Kody’s statement implies that his connections to Janelle, Meri, and Christine have reached an impasse, Robyn has already disclosed to PEOPLE her desire to make amends with her ex sister wives.

Despite the seeming impossibility of achieving universal peace and healing, Robyn stated that she thinks it’s still “conceivable” for everyone to continue being a “family.”

Regarding the dynamics of the family now, “it looks somewhat different,” she remarked. “I can’t have expectations, but I sincerely hope it’s feasible. More and more, I’m learning that I can’t hold others to standards when it comes to family, relationships, spending time together, and general family dynamics. Therefore, I pray and hope that it is possible, but everyone will have to make that decision in that particular scenario. Thus, I’m not sure.”

Thirteen months later, three of the patriarchs of Sister Wives’ marriages fell apart. Christine, Kody’s third wife, was the first to go in November 2021. December 2022, a year later, it became known that he and Janelle had split up.

In the Sister wives: One on One episode from the previous year, Janelle said to Sukanya, “Kody and I split up and I’m happy, really happy.” I don’t know, I just felt like I stopped caring about things and that they were kind of indifferent.

Furthermore, Janelle stated that she was not holding out hope for a potential reconciliation with Kody. She said, “I’ve kind of mourned that part of our life is gone.” I didn’t have heartbreak. Unlike Christine [Brown], it wasn’t as painful for me. I felt as though I was simply lamenting the loss of that life. We had a fantastic run.

His union with Meri was officially proclaimed in January, following a year of platonic and aloof romance.

Janelle has been posting inspirational messages to her followers on social media and chronicling her summer as a “independent woman” since her breakup with Kody.

When their daughter Savanah graduated from high school in May, Kody and Janelle got back together. Children Logan, 29, Madison, 27, Hunter, 26, Garrison, 24, and Gabriel, 21 are shared by the ex-pair.


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