Kimberlin Brown Says, “I’ve Had a Good Run,” in Reflection on Her Startling Bold and Beautiful Exit


I’ve been really fortunate to be in this joyful spot for more than 35 years. Brown talked about the CBS drama series.

Kimberlin Brown from “The Bold and the Beautiful” at the CBS Television Network’s 50th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. SONJA FLEMMING/CBS PHOTO via GETTY

Speaking candidly, Kimberlin Brown discusses leaving The Bold & the Beautiful following more than thirty years.

When the actress, 62, was fatally wounded by her daughter-in-law, Steffy Forrester (the woman MacInnes Wood), on Monday, her tenure on the CBS soap opera abruptly ended.

Brown told TV Insider, “Well, you know, I’m not going to mince words about this; it’s a tough place that me to find myself in right now.” If someone was going to bring Sheila down, I’m glad it would be Steffy. All I want is for Sheila to be safe from being taken down.

She went on, “It’s my favorite spot that I have been considered fortunate to be for more than thirty-five years.” However, I’ve had a nice go at it, so without a doubt, I’m one of the fortunate ones.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” with Kimberlin Brown. GETTY MATTHEW TAPLINGER/CBS

Brown said that Sheila’s passing was physically and emotionally difficult, sharing, I simply want to stress how painful it is for Sheila to have to lay on the ground fo hours on end! I spent the entire week with bruises from lying on concrete!

She said, “My eyes closed and you’re still holding your inhalation so it doesn’t look like you’re breathing while I was lying there on the ground when the paramedics declared the time of death.” “Wow, okay, I guess we’ll have a look at what could occur next for me,” was all that was said.

Woods described the occasion as “bittersweet,” telling the source, “I really enjoy working alongside Kimberlin; she is the epitome of professionalism.” She is incredibly imaginative and enhances every scene.

But, she clarified, “For Steffy, hallelujah!” that she thought that was the appropriate decision for her character. It’s her time now. It will come as a huge shock because of how long it has taken Steffy had to take elizabeth down and the fact that it is now occurring. It’s a really fantastic moment for somebody who used to enjoy the show to [currently] go toe-to- against Sheila.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” with Kimberlin Brown. GETTY ADAM TORGERSON/CBS

Before transferring to The Bold & Beautiful just two years later, Brown created the character of Sheila on the series The Young and the Restless in 1990. Over the years, she has made appearances on both soap operas. For her performance in 2022, she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy.

Three years after leaving the show to join Port Charles, she returned to One Life to Live. She made a comeback to The Young with the Restless in 2005.


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