Kim Kardashian is aware that it’s a tall order to find a husband that can both “deal with” her life and have “good teeth”


Kardashian says that’s “not lonely” and lists characteristics she hopes a future spouse will have, but she doesn’t think anyone will fulfill every single one of her wishes.

If Kim Kardashian makes the decision to remarry, she won’t accept any old man.

The 43-year-old actress of The Kardashians acknowledged on the SiriusXM podcast This Life of My with the late James Corden that she is unsure if she will get married again since she understands how difficult it will be to locate the right person.

There will be times when I’ll be thinking, “You know what? She said to host James Corden, “I know my life is extraordinarily big, and I know that it demands a really, particularly memorable, person to have the desire to deal with that.” Though it’s a lot, I believe that my life is incredibly enjoyable and that anyone who enters it will have a great time.

“I’m good because I’m not lonely,” the mom of four continued. Though it would be lovely to share your experiences with someone, it’s such a large [commitment], so I do not take that lightly. I have my kids, my job, and my family.

Kardashian, who is currently reportedly associated with Odell Beckham Jr., was asked if she believed the man had to be famous. She replied that she didn’t think it was necessary, but added that they would just have to fully comprehend how this life is like.

Kardashian is the mother of four children with her ex-husband Kanye West: boys Psalm, 4, and Saint, 8, and girls North, 10, & Chicago, 6. Prior to their breakup, she previously dated Peter Davidson for nine of the last year.

The 45-year-old Corden noted that the SKIMS creator relished the early phases of love, that he claimed can be mistaken for the true meaning of love. Kardashian went on to say, “Totally.” Even though I’m the greatest sap for romance, I can tell the difference. I am aware of what a true partnership is.

Kardashian acknowledged that she has a list of qualities she wants in a partner on her phone, but she added she is “not so delusional” to think she will find someone who “will check every single box.”

Accountable for actions, the reality star said, listing all the details of hunting for a new spouse. accepts responsibility. healthy teeth. able to stand on their own. I’m not always required to watch the kids. The list is endless—just a kind, sincere individual who is motivated and have their own goals in life.

In addition, Kardashian read aloud to pals Tracy Romulus, Olivia Pierson, and Natalie Halcro a lengthy list of the characteristics she is seeking in a potential suitor during the May 3 season 3 premier of The Kardashians.

Having good hygiene, standing up for her, and safeguarding her were among the first five attributes, which she described as “a given.” In addition, she had to be calm, have no problems with her parents, be patient, encouraging, truly pleased for me, prosperous, have nice teeth, and be someone my kids can look up to as their “friends and family love.”

In another self-satire, Kardashian stated that she was seeking a partner with “no heavy baggage” and concluded, “I have enough.”

The founder of SKIMS went on to mention other requirements, such as wanting someone who is taller than her, liking physical activity, and being “motivated, independent, and not clingy and tasteful.” She also made a joke about how he must be enjoying self-care if he isn’t balding.

“Let’s do facials, read rooms, do lasers, have their own s— happening on, also flexible, I like hair, respect to others, in particular when no one is watching, let’s do icy waters and teeth, good teeth,” she underlined. “I want to love how they smell, even in the gym.”

Are you ready to help someone, a producer asked? Kardashian said, “Pay attention, I could assist somebody get dentures if that’s what you’re asking,” after she had completed reading her list.


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