Kellie Pickler ends her stoicism following her husband’s death, calling it the “darkest time in my life”


The country singer married her producer’s husband, Kyle Jacobs, on New Year’s Day in 2011.

Just six months before the loss of Kyle Jacobs’ tragedy, Kellie Pickler has broken her silence.

“One of the most lovely things my spouse taught me was that if you don’t know what to do in a crisis, ‘do nothing, just be quiet.’ “I’ve decided to take his recommendations,” the country singer told the publication People on Thursday.

“Thank you to my family, friends, and supporters for all of the countless letters, calls, and messages you have sent my way,” she wrote.

The support, according to the 37-year-old, “has truly struck my soul and is helping me get through the most trying moment in my life.” As many of you have said, you are all in my thoughts and prayers.”

Along with a “intimate tribute for my husband, which is scheduled later during fall,” the singer also stated that “what you’re is precisely what Keith would have liked wanted.” Good luck and love, Kellie.

2011 saw the secret wedding of Pickler and the songwriter/producer on New Year’s Day.

The former “American Idol” contestant frequently posted heartfelt messages to Jacobs, referring to him as “my love,” throughout the years.

Congratulations to my darling husband and closest friend,” she said in a romantic Instagram photo for Jacobs’ birthday in 2016. You actually are my most prized possession. You have my utmost affection.

She blogged concerning the way he offered to her a year later.

“June 15th will always be regarded as one of the most memorable days in my life… The day that my husband Kyle proposes to me is also my grandmother’s birthday,” she stated.

She stated the two together visited Rosemary Beach, a resort town in Florida in 2010 for what he described as a “vacation.”

“That night, following a special supper, we strolled down the beach as dusk fell… I had no idea he had hidden a little wooden box in the sand,” she exclaimed. “It appeared to have washed ashore, but as I opened it, I discovered a genuine treasure… A seashell with the name “Faye” of my grandmother authored on it, a notebook that Kyle wrote in for me, and a stunning engagement ring were all within.

They observed the sun setting “slowly create a beautiful end to a magnificent day,” she said, as he went down one knee before she exclaimed, “YES!!!” It was amazing that Kyle was unaware that my grandmother’s birthday was on THAT day. It was as though my mother, a lovely angel, was endorsing us. So, Kyle and I enjoy sharing our June 15th celebration together. Still and always hopelessly in love… This is “#OurDay.”

On February 17, after Pickler woke up and was unable to locate Jacobs, he was discovered dead in his house from a gunshot wound he had self-inflicted to the head.

When she was unable to unlock the door to the attic room in which his body was later discovered, she dialed 911. He was 49.

In 2000, Jacobs relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. He contributed as a co-writer to “8th World Wonder,” the No. 1 song by “American Idol” alum Kimberley Locke, in 2004.

The subsequent song he co-wrote for Garth Brooks, “More Than A Memory,” became the first in the chart’s history to land at No. 1 on the Billboard 100 Country Songs chart.

Although Pickler finished sixth on “American Idol” in 2006, the pair really met in 2008 in a Nashville bar.

In 2015, Pickler admitted to “The Real” that she had no idea who or what the man was. I thought, “I have to know all about this person,” as soon as we locked eyes.

“I Love Kellie Pickler,” the couple’s own MTV reality series, ran from 2015 to 2017.

Pickler, George Strait, Kelly Clarkson, Chip Clay Walker, Randy Travis, Scott McCreery, Josh Kelley, Jo Dee Messina, and Craig Morgan are just a few of the artists Jacobs has written songs for.

He recorded three No. 1 songs for Lee Brice as a record producer, including “Hard To Love,” “I Drive Your Truck,” and “Drinking Class” in 2012.


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