Keke Palmer’s impression of Angela Bassett is “awesome,” according to her: “My Baby Is That”


Bassett remarked, “I’m very proud of her,” remembering her collaboration with Palmer.

Angela Bassett Says Keke Palmer’s Impression of Her Is ‘Awesome

It’s acceptable for Angela Bassett to make light of herself.

During her appearance on Wednesday’s edition of The Tonight Program Starring Jimmy Fallon, the 65-year-old star of 9-1-1 responded to a video that showed Keke Palmer channeling her best Bassett impression while appearing on the late-night program in November 2021.

Who loves you, do you know? Keke Palmer, our friend. We adore Keke. “She performed a parody of you on our show,” Jimmy Fallon, the host, remarked prior to playing the old film.

Palmer, 30, was shown in the video mimicking Bassett’s performance as Katherine Jackson from the 1992 television miniseries That Jacksons: A American Dream.

Keke Palmer at the Pre-GRAMMY Gala and Grammy Salute to Industry Icons honoring Jon Platt at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards in February 2024. GETTY/AMY SUSSMAN

I do one that I’m not sure whether any of you have seen. The American Dream is it. Her portrayal of Katherine Jackson in the Michael Jackson narrative Palmer stated in the film. And that’s when she discovers that Joe [Jackson] has cheated on her. When he enters, she tells him, “You’re a liar and cheater, and I do not want you.” You are not what I desire, at all.

As the Palmer clip played, Bassett could be seen laughing in the bottom right area of the screen. Fallon, 49, questioned, “Is that great?” as it concluded.

That is fantastic. The small shudder, Bassett answered.

Ariana Grande on “The Tonight Show” TODD OWYOUNG/NBC

After that, Bassett was questioned by the talk station host over her role as Palmer’s mother in the 2006 movie Akeelah & the Bee.

I love you so much, sweetie. In Akeelah with the Bee, she asked me to play her mother. I was really moved by this. Says me, Bassett is really proud of her.

In December 2022, Palmer recollected how Bassett assisted her throughout the movie’s filming as they had a mutual interview for Vanity Fair. The host of Password claimed that Bassett gave pressure-filled advice about playing a sobbing scene.

‘Akeelah and the Bee’ stars Keke Palmer and Angela Bassett (L-R). KOBAL/SHUTTERSTOCK/LIONSGATE

All I can recall is that you gave me a glance, reached out to hold my hand, and said, “You really love what you do?” Palmer told Bassett, “Yeah, I love acting.” ‘As Well As who takes that for you?’ you asked. “I do it by myself mom,” I remarked. We collaborate on everything all the time. What if she told you, “I can’t do this around you anymore?” you asked. If you’re going to do anything at all, you’re going to do it alone, and I can’t be there to support you? How would you feel about that?

After speaking with Bassett, Palmer claimed she started crying right away. Palmer gave Bassett credit for encouraging her to just focus on the topic at hand—not only that, but also for helping her connect it to a real-life experience.


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