Kate Wasserbach Moore, a famous fashion designer, is expecting her first child (Exclusive)


The fashion designer and her husband Travis Moore are expecting their first child.

A mother will soon be born to Kate Wasserbach Moore!

The famous designer is expecting her first child with husband Travis Moore, whom she wed in November, the pair exclusively confirms to PEOPLE. After learning she was expecting, Wasserbach Moore comments, “This is one of the most magical moments of my life.”

“By supernatural intervention, my grandma ‘tipped me off’ that I was expecting. She was on her deathbed at the moment, says Wasserbach Moore to PEOPLE. “Despite her frail condition, she spoke of ‘the baby’ and lovingly revealed her hidden funds of $20 for the ‘newborn baby,’ which were safely stashed away in a coin purse near her bed.

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The designer was so affected that she returned home to check for pregnancy when she and her husband were attempting to conceive at the time. Sure enough, she adds, “the outcome was positive and nothing short of miraculous.” Wasserbach Moore notes that although though her grandmother was unable to physically hear the news, “it leaves me great comfort that she knew before me.”

She tells PEOPLE that although the first few weeks of her pregnancy were challenging, things started to change at the 13-week point. “It was like a light switch went on and all the agony vanished. Since then, I’ve felt fantastic, and I’ve grown to genuinely love and appreciate this lovely stage of life.

It’s been a learning experience as well, and I want to pass along some excellent information I picked up along the road. It’s entirely OK to express gratitude for the tremendous blessing of pregnancy while simultaneously noting the difficulties and not feeling your best, someone once told me,” adds Wasserbach Moore.

In the end, this journey has taught me the importance of welcoming every element of motherhood with open arms, admitting that it isn’t always easy, but nevertheless cherishing every moment of this life-changing event.

For her spouse, being a father was “a natural and heartfelt dream for both of us,” Wasserbach Moore tells PEOPLE. She claims that they “shared this unspoken understanding that our journey together would eventually lead to the joys of parenthood.” They were high school sweethearts.

The ideal father will be Trav. The thought of Travis being a parent soon makes my heart swell with delight. In the same way that Moore has done for her throughout their relationship, she adds of Moore, “I believe in my heart that he will fill our child’s life with limitless love, pleasure, and a sense of tremendous fortunate that he is his (or hers!).

Although Wasserbach Moore usually creates apparel for adults, she says she is eager to explore the realm of baby garments. Yes, I have already discovered industrial areas that are getting my wheels turning. She declares, “The baby industry is simply so delicious and wonderful.

The fashion designer claims that finding the ideal balance for her maternity look has been difficult while she has been expecting. I haven’t yet dared to purchase maternity apparel. I’ve instead found comfort in experimenting with greater sizes. Cargo trousers, button-down shirts, comfortable sweaters, tube socks, and sneakers make up my everyday outfit. I joke that I basically look like a suburban dad.

We feel tremendously happy and grateful for the love and support of our family and friends as we embark on the next phase of our life, Wasserbach Moore tells PEOPLE. We are thus excitedly awaiting the arrival of our little bundle of joy in November with hearts full of expectation and excitement, knowing that our love story is inextricably linked to the wonder and wonders of motherhood.

We appreciate everyone’s support along the way and are eager to tell you about this amazing trip.


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