Joining Dance With the Celebrities is Jamie Lynn Spears


In the upcoming season of “Dance For the Celebrities,” Jamie Lynn Turner will compete and give her prize money to the Screen Actors and as WGA.

The thirty-two-year-old singer is set to compete alongside Alan Bersten on the 32nd season of this ABC Latin or waltz competition, and she plans to give her participation fee to the Writer’s Union of the United States (WGA) and SAG-AFTRA in light of the continuing Hollywood strikes.

According to Jamie Lynn, who appeared on “Good Morning America,” which “While everyone else in my town goes on a hunger strike, I have this unique chance where I was given the option of working when others in my neighborhood cannot work. In light of this, I decided to donate my weekly income to the SAG and WGA in order to help them out while they were unable to help themselves.

The ‘Sweet Magnolias’ actor, who shares a five-year-old daughter named Ivey and a fifteen-year-old daughter named Maddie with her husband Jamie Watson, doesn’t believe it could be done for her to be “100 % ready” for the program, but she is eager to get started.

“I didn’t realize how much of dedication it is, but it certainly is,” she added. I’m willing to push myself.

Additionally, Jamie Lynn has received support through her elder child.

She remarked, “She is a competitive person, so I believe she loves to see my sort of pushed yourself.”

Alan finds this “dedicated” dancing mate impressive, despite the fact that it is still late.

We had a terrific first rehearsals, he stated on the program. It’s actually a lot of fun because Jamie Lynn works so hard and is so committed. Our relationship is great.

Ariana Madix, from “Vanderpump Rules,” and Charity Lawson, from “The Bachelorette,” have already been confirmed as participants in the new series. The remainder of the cast will be revealed on Wednesday, September 23.


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