Joey King Looks risqué in a sheer corset dress at the Cannes red carpet


The actress from “The Act” was present at the May 24 French film premiere of “The Most Precious of Cargoes.”

Joey King during the Cannes premiere of “La Plus Precieuse Des Marchandises”

With style, actor Joey King makes her Cannes Film Festival premiere.

The 24-year-old actress from Bullet Train made her red carpet debut on Friday, May 24, at the French film festival for her debut feature, Le Plus Precieuse Des Marchandises, which translates to “The Most Precious of Cargoes” in English.

King donned a floor-length, baby blue gown by design Viet Tri that was both sophisticated and seductive, with a tight sheer bodice and skirt. Flowing strands of silk blues fabric encased her waist and chest, exposing her stomach and legs in the process. Little silver gems were also scattered around King’s midriff, enhancing the dress’s shimmering, sparkling texture.

for the 77th Cannes Film Festival, Joey King is present for the film “La Plus Precieuse Des Marchandises” showing.

Styled by Jared Eng, she accessorized the ensemble with matching silvery-blue jewelry by Gabriel & Co., which included rings and earrings with blue stones, and strappy high heels by Gianvito Rossi.

During her interview with PEOPLE on the red carpet, the Oscar winner discussed her evolving views on beauty and her acceptance of herself.

The actress from 1923 stated that while she acknowledges the existence of “beautiful individuals throughout the world,” like David Beckham and Naomi Campbell, she does not belong in the same category.

I’m not so attractive, but I do look alright. But we’re all different, with individual personalities. Ultimately, I think it’s about embracing that and allowing yourself to be what they are.

Joey King in Cannes

She said, thinking back to the beauty ideal of her youth, “I really want to be Twiggy, and I was definitely not Twiggy at all.”

She went on, “The real key was to learn to love and accept yourself, to embrace your uniqueness to the fullest and to be proud of it.”

King thrilled regarding her appearance on Instagram following the event. I had a sensual and royal feeling. She wrote, “I didn’t know both of them at the same day were achievable.”

Joey King is present at the 77th Cannes Film Festival for the film “La Plus Precieuse Des Marchandises” showing.

Based on Jean-Claude Grumberg’s 2020 book of the exact same name, La Plus Precieuse Du Marchandises depicts a humble woodcutter & his wife as they raise a baby daughter during the Holocaust.

The wife of the woodcutter saves a baby one day. A Cannes summary describes a baby girl who is flung from one of the several trains that pass through the woodland every day. The lives of the destitute woodcutter’s wife and spouse, in addition to those who’s path the kid crosses, like the guy who flung her off the train, will all be changed by this baby, this “most precious of cargoes.” And some will stop at nothing to keep her safe.


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