Janelle from Sister Wives still has a “high regard” for Kody, but he believes that Christine’s taunts indicate that she is still in love


In Sunday’s episode of “Sister Wives: One on One,” Kody Brown criticized Christine for a “accusation” she had towards Robyn and gave an explanation for why his marriage to her “never really worked.”

It’s safe to assume that not every member of the Brown family values the other.

The championship game on Sunday In an episode of Sister Wives: One on One, Kody Brown and a few of his ex-wives discussed their divergent perspectives on one another. Janelle was the first to discuss the prospect of reviving her broken marriage with host Sukanya Krishnan.

“I don’t think we will ever get back together,” 54-year-old Janelle said. “It would resemble a kind of, like, magical tale when we all turned into some sort of distinct group of individuals, and that is not what occurs in real life.”

However, Janelle did witness the ex-couples eventually become friends. Indeed! I still think so highly of him. I don’t want to make amends, even though I can recall all the enjoyable moments,” she said.

Janelle expressed her “OK” with Kody’s fourth wife Robyn Brown moving on, considering how “happy” he is right now. She went on, “Maybe eventually, I’d like to learn the same thing.” However, not at this time.”

Janelle still has a great opinion of her ex-husband, but after their divorce, Kody and his first ex-wife, Christine Brown, aren’t as close. (Christine, 51, was Kody’s first four-wife departure; Janelle daughter Meri Brown came next.)

With her now-husband David Woolley accompanying her, Christine expressed that she was unable to be authentic with Kody because he “only want me to be positive” and “only needed me to be fun.” In addition, she asserted that Kody “only like the fun little bouncy part of me” and that she is “not ready to stuff it anymore,” particularly since she is happy with David.

Christine went on to say that both of them “deserve to be joyful” and that they “go be satisfied with each other, for heaven’s sake.” Be content with one another. Let us go, let the rest of us.”

She went on, “Stop being angry,” alluding to Kody’s continuous behavioral shifts. “And once you stop and let it go, we can all get along again.”

For his part, Kody recalls living a “uncomfortable life” with Christina in Las Vegas, but that “got a little bit worse” once the family relocated to Flagstaff, Arizona. After saying that he “never wanted that to happen,” he continued, “But what worries me is her demeanor toward my thinking, which she laughs [and] mocks my suffering.”

“No, that’s entirely my error for married a woman I didn’t love,” Kody responded when asked if he blamed kate for “destroying the big picture.”

“That’s the reality and she understands that,” he replied. Even though I put a lot of effort and attention into it, our relationship nevertheless prevailed because of my whole commitment. It was never truly effective.”

The patriarch of the Brown family also chastised Christine for her constant taunts directed at him and his lone surviving wife, Robyn. Specifically, he refuted Christine’s “accusation” that Robyn had no desire to lead a polygamous lifestyle, which prompted him to offer a daring recommendation of his own.

“I doubt Christine has any acquaintance with Robyn. She has never made an attempt. “She hasn’t visited there,” he declared. “She was an s— sister wife, but I think she’ll make a great wife for David. It did not fit.

“There are a thousand reasons why, looking back in the aftermath, you could conclude that these are the reasons why she wasn’t a good polygamist. However, that’s the only reason I probably wasn’t,” he went on. “… But to assert an allegation against Robin is just sour-graping.”

“I believe that since she’s after love with David [she would stop],” Kody said in closing. However, she should demonstrate her love for Robyn by never saying anything hurtful about her. When Christine does that, I’ll know she’s in love because she won’t say anything negative to our kids about me or Robyn.”


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