It’s The Braxtons Again! Three years after Braxton Family Values concludes, Toni, Tamar, and the family make a TV comeback


“I hope that with every one of our encounters you’ll grow with us,” Dr. Evelyn Braxton said, commemorating the family’s new endeavor on WE television.

The Braxtons will soon be returning to television!

The Braxtons, a new reality series on WE tv, will reunite Toni, Towanda, Trina, Tamar, and mother Dr. Evelyn Braxton, the network said on Tuesday.

According to a press statement from the network, the girls will “share new love, success, disappointment, continuing family dynamics and so much more” on the new show, which will premiere more than three years after the conclusion of their docuseries Braxton Family Values.

We appreciate you all sharing our life. I hope that as we grow with each event, you will also grow. In a statement, Evelyn, 76, spoke on behalf for the family. encouraging you in your pursuits and imparting values such as family, love, and living life to the fullest. Never forget that we are simply human and not flawless. Consider God.

The renowned family’s never-before-seen private events, from isolation to the tragic death of their sister Traci, will be documented in the upcoming series, the network says, bringing viewers into their world as they begin this new chapter sans her.

The TV show premieres almost two years after Traci’s death in March 2022 at the age of 50. A brilliant light, a lovely daughter, an outstanding sister, a loving mother, wife, grandma, and a respected performer, Toni, 56, shared the news of her sister’s passing on Instagram.

As they “heal shared, turning anguish to hope and use the agony to empower themselves and band together,” viewers will witness Evelyn supporting her girls.

Additionally, “Toni beginning her Vegas residency, ‘Love and Laughter,’ with Cedric Entertainment at the Cosmopolitan” will be covered in this season. Raising two kids and assisting her nephew Kevin, who is adjusting to life sans his mother Traci, requires Towanda to juggle her career and parenthood. Trina is juggling her two sons’ transition into maturity while running her enterprises. According to a network synopsis, Tamar is also growing her media and music business, juggling parenthood, and learning how to manage it all.

However, Evelyn should not be overlooked as she is looking for “a life partner.”

Following the conclusion of Braxton Family Values, which aired for seven seasons between 2011 to 2020, Brett Dismuke, Director of Content for WE tv and ALLBLK, welcomed the family’s return to reality TV in a statement.

Saying that this is an among the biggest moments in WE TV history and what fans have been awaiting since the last episode of Braxton Household Values premiered on the 17th of December 2020 is not exaggerating the situation, he said. During the 148 spectacular episodes of their groundbreaking original series, WE TV viewers were there for every moment, making the Braxtons one of the founder family of reality television.

He went on, “We are so happy to have them back and to be able to discuss these amazing relationships—along with the numerous highs, lows, victories, setbacks, and drama that go along with them—once more.”

WE television will debut The Braxtons. The release window is yet to be disclosed.


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