In the music video for Cole Bennett’s “Doomsday 2,” Eminem lets the world fall in: Watch


Cole Bennett’s fifth song video and the January 2024 albums features the Grammy winner.

The new music video for “Doomsday 2” by Eminem. PHOTO: DEF JAM RECORDINGS/LYRICAL LEMONADE

Lyrical Lemonade/Def Jam Tracks of the All Is Yellow albums are featured in a new video that Eminem released.

Along with a few unique cameos, the 15-moments Grammys winner stars in the “Doomsday 2” video. Cole Bennett, the founder of Lyrical Lemonade, is the director and producer of the most recent video, which is the sixth clip on the 2024 January album.

The 51-year-old rapper begins rapping straight to the camera as he emerges from behind an arrangement of yellow curtains to begin the video. He retreats backwards barely skipping a beat as the abandoned office space crumbles.

The video has numerous cameos in addition to Eminem, including appearances by Big Sean, Swae Lee, who was JID, he, Babytron, Isaiah Curry, and many others.

Interestingly, Eminem seems to be criticizing rapper-producer Benzino throughout the song.


What is Benzino’s opposite? A giraffe “Go at his neck,” what the fuck is that saying? / How am I going to get something that he doesn’t? He can’t even reach his hands with his short arm. Eminem raps when they’re jumping jacks above his head.

In addition, Eminem discusses his financial difficulties, the other rapper’s daughter Coi Leray, and prior inquiries from the public on his sexual orientation.

Eminem ends the song by rapping, “And that’s why I’m back again Cole Bennett then/ And I was at the level that J. Cole been at/ It’s After that I ride for ’til I die,” in addition to praising the founder of Lyrical Lemonade and Benzino.

He directed the first four music videos for the album: “Hello There” with Corbin, Lil Tracy, and Black Kray in the next month; “Doomsday” w WRLD Juice & Cordae in June 2023; “Guitar in My Room” featuring rapper Lil Durk as well as Kid Cudi in September. Then, in December, Lyrical Lemonade released the music video for “Stop Giving Me Advice” featuring Jack Harlow & Dave ahead of the album’s January 26 release date.


In a February discussion with Billboard, Bennett said that the album’s main goal was to “break down the barriers and bring people together” after it was released.

When someone is able to serve as the unifying factor, people truly lower their egos. Bennett stated, “I want their to be a greater partnership and more unity in rap music.” I was really into these things growing up: I loved unexpected features, I loved pose cuts, and I enjoyed seeing my favorite musicians from opposite ends of the spectrum together in a picture. I wanted to build a universe where the theme was all of these things because they fed me.


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