In an interview, Sharon Osbourne said of her botched facelift, “It Was wicked”


The star of “The Osbournes” jokingly compared herself to the Hunchback from the Notre Dame Cathedral from the timeless novel.

In an earlier conversation from The Daily Star, Sharon Osbourne expressed her disapproval of a 2021 facelift. The former talk show host admitted that she had recently undergone plastic surgery to try to undo the treatment, which she was undoubtedly not a fan of! She wasn’t afraid to be up front about getting the job done. She told the newspaper, through Daily Mail, “There isn’t any region on the body which I haven’t had turned lifted, long, whatever.”

The 70-year-old Osbournes actress detailed precisely what she objected to during her prior facelift by drawing comparisons between herself and a well-known Victor Hugo character. “I’ve made a lot of mistakes. The previous one was somewhat of a fix-it job left by the previous person, she explained. “I had one eye here and one eye there, so I looked like Quasimodo. That was evil.

Sharon has previously spoken up about the mistake she made with her facelift. In a 2022 discussion with The Sunday Times, she first admitted that she was upset about the procedure. She said, “I had an entire rejuvenation performed in October and I appeared like some of them fking ghosts who were in wrap [with bandages],” prior to employing an identical Hunchback of Notre Dame’s allusion. It was awful, I’m telling you. I said, “You’ve got been fking joking,” to the surgeon. The appearance of each eye was unique. I appeared to be a real-life Cyclops. “All I need is a hunchback,” I say.

She even disclosed that Ozzy Osbourne, her husband, had promised to have the procedure “redone.” She was spotted a few months later at an Oscar watching celebration and looking lovely.

In addition to her “messed up” facelift, Sharon recently discussed weight loss in a Piers Morgan interview. She revealed that after starting the contentious diabetes drug Ozempic, she had lost 42 pounds. First of all, you can’t be on it indefinitely, she explained. “Stop right now, it’s time. Actually, I didn’t want to get this fragile, but it did. I’ll likely put everything back on soon.


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