In a shocking confrontation at the season four finale, RHOSLC women claimed Monica Garcia “deceived all of us”


When the ladies of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” learned that their costar had participated in purported “character assassinations,” they sobbed.

Among the ladies of Salt Lake City, Monica Garcia is walking on thin ice.

The ladies learned on Tuesday’s season 4 finale that the Housewife was purportedly behind the Instagram troll handle Reality Von Tease, and as a result, she concluded her debut season at odds with her costars.

Heather Gay said that Garcia “troll[ed]” her, Lisa Barlow, Meredith Marks, and Whitney Rose, and that the account was “dedicated to annihilating and exposing” the former Housewife Jen Shah. (Shah is presently incarcerated for five years due to her involvement in an ongoing telemarketing scam.)

Regarding Reality Von Tease’s material since it was founded more than three years ago, Heather claimed that “these were character assassinations.” “But we never knew whoever it was.”

On the last day the cast was in Bermuda, Heather supposedly discovered the truth after her longtime hairstylist and Monica’s pal Tenesha “came clean” about Monica’s involvement. Heather approached Monica at dinner after telling Meredith, Lisa, and Whitney the news.

“I am aware of your true identity,” Heather said to Monica. “Who you actually are is the online bullying net troll Reality Von Tease.”

Although Monica first denied having anything to do with the account, she later acknowledged sharing recordings of Jen, the person she was working for, that she had taken.
She yelled at the women, “I didn’t say s— about everyone beyond Jen and I will carry that to the serious,” accusing a number of other people, including Tenesha, Heather’s hairdresser, of being behind the story.

In an interview, Monica stated that she didn’t think Reality Von Tease was a “bad thing,” saying instead that “I think she’s just telling the real story.”

Less than two months have passed since the public learned of Heather and Monica’s legal dispute. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that in August, Veronica and her med spa business Beauty Lab + Laser filed a lawsuit against Garcia for allegedly failing to pay. In a September countersue, Garcia stated that the process was “botched and negligently performed.”

In a November interview with Variety, Heather stated she had no intention of working with Monica on any future projects. “I don’t think I ever will,” she remarked at the DIRECTV-sponsored Women of Reality TV dinner held in Los Angeles. “I find it to be fairly conclusive. Although I can’t speak for the other cast members, I think it’s very obvious to me.

The season’s dramatic conclusion was hinted at by Heather in the same interview, when she described the events in Bermuda as “beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in my own existence or anything I’ve seen on television.” The season 4 reunion, which was taped in October and will air early this month, she added to the publication, offered no resolution.

Heather continued, “There’s also something to watch for with the way it all exploded and didn’t really resolve at the reunion.”

Throughout the season, Monica and fellow cast member Lisa Barlow had a lot of arguments, but their friendship with Heather seemed to grow. Actually, in observance of Monica’s birthday, Heather organized the cast’s trip to Bermuda for the ladies.

But at the beginning of the trip, viewers witnessed the developing tension between the two, especially during Monica’s contentious birthday dinner, when Heather made fun of Monica for being in a relationship. As the drama between Heather and another Housewife developed, the two appeared to have put an end to their feud by the end of episode 15.

The women instructed Monica to “pack her bags” and refused to have anything going with their castmate once it was revealed that she was involved with the Instagram troll account.

Lisa angrily exclaimed, “You f—ing deceived all of us,” to Meredith’s outburst, “I’ve sat here amongst us for three years and not told us the truth.”

During her debut season, Monica left a lot for the audience to digest, including the details of her 18-month romance with her brother-in-law, which led to her excommunication from the Mormon Church, as well as letting her tumultuous relationship with her mother play out on screen.


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