In a post-game event along Kelce, Kelce, and Mahomes, Patrick, Britt Mahomes and Taylor Swift allegedly “hit it off”


Following Taylor’s support of the Kansas City Chiefs during the match against the Chicago Bears, the singer of “Anti-Hero” and the football player’s wife became friends.

Taylor Swift’s group of female friends may be expanding! According to a brand-new TMZ claim, the popstar, 33, and Britt Mahomes, 28, got along great during a post-game party on September 24. Taylor’s purported affair with Travis Kelce, who is now 33, appears to be progressing, according to a source with firsthand information, who claimed that the singer and Patrick Mahomes’ wife “chatted a ton” at the party.

The insider claimed to the magazine the the two women “really hit it off” at the Travis-hosted private party. According to reports, Taylor or Brittany also had a shot, and the two had been heard discussing getting back in touch and getting together.

At the celebration where Travis and Taylor’s first PDA picture was shot, the two women conversed. As she talked with another partygoer, the “Shake It Off” singer was spotted with her arm around the tight end. Taylor was spotted earlier that day in a suite with Travis’ mother, Donna Kelce, attending the Chiefs in Kansas City vs. Chicago Bears game.

Patrick, Brittany’s husband, did confirm that Taylor was there at the post-game party. He reiterated the need for secrecy made by his teammate, however he did say that they had met. He told reporters, “She’s pretty cool, lovely folks. Like Trav said, “Man, I’m just gonna keep it moving and I’ll let folks have their privacy.”

When The Messenger claimed that Travis & Taylor were dating, romance rumors about them began to circulate. Taylor and Travis have reportedly been secretly dating, according to the source. A few weeks back, she visited NYC and ran into him there.

Travis promised to keep the details of Taylor’s relationship with the Super Bowl winner confidential on his podcast New Heights, despite the fact that the rumors had Swifties & the NFL in a frenzy. “What’s real is that it’s my private life that matters, and I want to honor both of our lives,” he stated. She doesn’t like publicity, despite the fact that I enjoy doing this program every week and having fun on other guys’ shows while the NFL season is going on. And whatever subsequent show I perform from this point forward. I am content with my life, and this past weekend was no exception. So going forward, I kind of have to keep it [sic] where I keep discussing sports and saying, “alright nah.


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