“I’m so over canceling Culture, is there no redemption?” said Jennifer Aniston


The “Morning Show” host asserts, “I don’t put everyone in the Weinstein family basket.”

Jennifer Aniston shares her thoughts on “cancel culture.”

I’m so over cancel culture, the 54-year-old celebrity said in a recent interview. By expressing that, I most likely just received the ax. I simply don’t know what that implies. Can there be no forgiveness? I have no idea. I do not include everyone in the category of Harvey Weinstein.

Aniston made the comments in an interview for the Wall Street Journal magazine. She also mentioned that she occasionally felt awkward around the scandalized producer. He’s not a person where you think, “God, I can’t wait to hang out with Harvey,” she added. “Never. Oh, God, OK, suck it up was truly your reaction. He came to see me about the film to pitch to me, I remember that. Having someone stay in my trailer was something I did on purpose, too. (The Journal also reported that Weinstein said “[Aniston] never had any uncomfortable instances with me.”)

Cancel culture is described by Merriam-Webster as “the habit or tendency of engaging in mass canceling as a way about expressing disagreement and exerting social pressure.”

There are a lot of famous people who have attacked the cancel culture, including Lizzo, Chris Rock, Goldie Hawn, Molly Ringwald, and Cate Blanchett.

Others have disputed the idea that cultural cancellation is an official social movement.

“Cancellation, that’s not real,” the comedian Jerrod Carmichael stated during a Hollywood Reporter panel. There isn’t a boogeyman. We must overcome that. Like, you should go to jail if you do anything bad in your personal life. like a prison, really. The rest of the conversation then asks, “What are that we talking about? I believe that’s simply a ruse to give uninterested folks something to speculate about, like a phantom bad guy.

And singer Phoebe Bridgers expressed her opinion to Teen Vogue, saying, “I mean, is [cancel mentality] real? Who has lost their political job? For serious sex crimes, one major perpetrator is currently imprisoned; anything less may result in the loss of a few friends or jobs. They then say, “Sorry, sorry, sorry,” five years later. They return, but they never say sorry and they never go.

The third season of Aniston’s Apple TV+ show The Morning Show, which follows a fake news station that is shaken by an alleged sexual misconduct controversy, will premiere in September.


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