If Shonda Rhimes Produces a Scandal Film, Kerry Washington “Will Be There”


The seven-season run of the Washington-led political soap opera concluded in 2018.


Kerry Washington is excited to see Olivia Pope in a large-scale production!

At The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Hollywood event on Wednesday night, the 46-year-old star of Scandal spoke with Extra and said she would be open to seeing the popular series given a second chance in a motion picture.

The actress acknowledged that Shonda Rhimes, the creator and star of the ABC series, will ultimately have the final say in the matter.

“Shonda Rhimes should answer that question. If something occurs, I’ll be there,” Washington said to Extra.

And the concept might well come to pass! Though for a different television program, Rhimes, 53, toyed with the idea of bringing Washington’s character back earlier this year.

In an interview with IMdb in May, she responded, “Oh, Olivia Pope,” when questioned which of her roles she would most like to see return. “I adore that persona so much, even if she’s bad. I enjoy that woman so much, they’s very engaging.”

The show, which ran for seven seasons before ending in 2018, follows Olivia Pope, played by Washington, as she traveled to the United States as the former director of communications for the White House. Head of State. After starting her own crisis management company and discovering that her clients are not the only ones with secrets, the antiheroine in the sultry political drama sent viewers on a roller coaster.

When the author of Thicker Than Water posted an Instagram video featuring her co-star Tony Goldwyn from Scandal in September, it drove fans into a frenzy. In the Shondaland series, the couple’s love tale was nuanced and intricate.

Bellamy Young’s character Melody “Mellie” Grant was married to Potus Fitzgerald “Fitz” Henry Grant III, who was portrayed by Goldwyn, 63, in the television series. Fans adored the illicit affair that blossomed between him and Pope.

Washington referenced the personalities of Olivia and Fitz in the message, saying, “Hi 👋🏾 D.C #Olitz is excited for you ❤️.”

The book of the Ray actress contains a plethora of additional real-life bombshells, keeping fans eager for a potential Scandal spin-off.

Before Thicker Than Water was released in September, Washington said to PEOPLE, “There is a phrase, “You’re as ill as your secrets.'” “I believe that to be partially true. Knowing what’s true and not feel like we must conceal ourselves can bring about a great deal of healing and release.”

The actress talked about her engagement to football player-turned-actor Nnamdi Asomugha, adding that she has always “been extremely reserved when it comes to the public.”

She married the former Athletics cornerback in June 2013, but she concealed the relationship “for months.”


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