“I Have to Sell My House,” declares Billy Porter. Bob Iger is criticized for saying that “Our Demands for a Living Wage Are Unrealistic” as a result of strikes: ‘F— You’


In a recent interview with the Evening Standard, Billy Porter disclosed that in order to conserve money during the ongoing Hollywood strikes, he must sell his home. Porter, who won an Emmy for his performance on FX’s “Pose,” spoke to the publication to advance his music career and avoided talking about any of his work in cinema or television. When the matter of the strikes was raised, Porter remarked that because a number of the projects he had planned to work on in September had been put on hold, he was forced to make cost-cutting decisions in his daily life.

Porter remarked, “I have to put my house up for sale.” “Yeah! as a result of our strike. And I’m not sure when we’ll return to work. The life of an artist is still check-to-check until you make fuck-you money, which I haven’t done yet. In addition to appearing in a new film and program that were both slated to premiere in September. All of it is not taking place. Therefore, you’ve already starved me, to the individual who stated, “We’re going to starve them out until they have to sell their apartments.”

Porter was making reference to a story from Deadline from July that quoted an unnamed Hollywood official as claiming that the studios wouldn’t schedule another meeting with the WGA until its members were bankrupt. The Disney CEO, Bob Iger, was also criticized by the actor for claiming in an interview at the Sun Valley Conference on July 13 that the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes were not being “realistic” in their demands.

“When they set up a system for artists to receive fair compensation through residual [payments] in the late 1950s and early 1960s, it enabled the 2% of professional actors — and there are 150,000 members of our union — who work continuously…Then streaming began, according to Porter. “There is no agreement for it…Additionally, since Nielsen ratings are no longer relevant, they are not required to disclose the statistics. The streaming providers are infamous for being secretive about their audience numbers. The company has developed. Therefore, the contract must develop and alter over time. that our demands for a livable wage are unreasonable, according to Bob Iger? while earning $78,000 every day?”

I’m at a loss for words, but fuck you. Iger was mentioned by Porter. “That’s not helpful, therefore I refrained from comment. I’m so outraged that I haven’t engaged. I’m happy I came over [to England]. However, I’ll join the picket lines when I return.

Iger’s response to a question about the strikes in July was, “It’s really troubling to me. We’ve discussed the disruptive factors that are affecting our industry and all the difficulties we face, including the recovery from COVID, which is ongoing and isn’t fully recovered. The worst possible time to increase that disturbance is right now.There is a degree of anticipation among [strikers] that is simply unfounded. And they are adding to the list of difficulties that this company currently has, which is, to put it bluntly, quite disruptive.

n an interview with Variety, SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher criticized Iger’s remarks as well, calling them “terribly repugnant,” “out of touch,” and “positively tone deaf.”

“I don’t think it served him well,” Drescher continued. It’s evident that he has no idea what is actually going on with hardworking people who don’t make anything near the pay he is making, therefore if I were that firm, I would lock him behind walls and never allow him talk to anybody about this. They make insane amounts of money—high seven figures and eight figures—and they don’t give a damn because they were medieval land barons.


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