Hunter, the son of Guy Fieri, and Tara Bernstein get engagement ‘Welcome to the Family’


During the Fieris’ Thanksgiving feast, the pickleball pro was proposed to by the eldest son of the Food Network celebrity.

This year’s Thanksgiving with Guy Fieri’s family was quite memorable!

The Food Channel star’s oldest son, Hunters Fieri, engaged to his date, shuffleboard pro Tara Bernstein, during the family’s holiday get-together, and she accepted.

“On the horizon…Mr. & Mrs. Fieri ♥️ #blessed,” the 27-year-old posted on Instagram with pictures of the passionate proposal by a pond.

Together with Bernstein’s new ring, he also uploaded a cute picture of the two of them from the Thanksgiving feast, along with other family pictures of Guy, his wife Lori, and their 17-year-old youngest son Ryder.

“Proud lil bro here❤️,” Ryder said in the engagement announcement’s comments section, expressing his affection for his older brother.

Guy wrote a post on his own to congratulate the couple. He wrote, “Congrats to @hunterfieri &,” as the caption on a photo of the two. “The two of you are meant to be together. Tara, welcome to the family.”

Bernstein posted a picture of herself and Hunters holding hands during a family hike on Thursday morning, marking her first Thanksgiving with the Fieri family.

“Before Thanksgiving, early hikes with the family,” she said on her Instagram Story. investigating forwards to both our households getting together.”

When Hunter and Bernstein first started dating in February, the Fieri family embraced her. Guy disclosed in June that he much admires his son’s fiancée.

“I’m ecstatic for Hunter because [she] is a truly wonderful person with good values,” he told PEOPLE. This is significant. It’s wonderful to see him this content and to have a partner who shares his drive.”

The Diners, Drive-in cinemas and Dives actor also said that his close-knit family gets along well with Bernstein, whom he called a “pickleball machine,” and they even enjoy a little friendly rivalry. “She plays one-against-two, she kills everybody,” he stated.

Bernstein released a charming film in June that featured some of this couple’s most memorable experiences.

“To whomever is my spouse, I’m so blessed to be able to have anybody as wonderful and caring as you are in my life,” the video’s caption read.”You brighten my world with your contagious energy, drive, and wonderful vibes. I cherish you ❤️.”

Hunter professed his love in a heartfelt Instagram message that same day.

He wrote “You means everything to me!” as the caption for a couple’s photo carousel. “I appreciate your unwavering love and support. You cherish loyalty, love, and family, and I am incredibly fortunate to have discovered someone as wonderful as you! I adore you, baby, my ridaaaa ❤️.”

The Fieris, who raised Guy’s 22-year-old nephew Jules after Guy’s sister Caroline passed away from cancer in 2011, cherish family beyond all else.

As stated in his 2022 cover story, “The family remains the first priority,” Guy said to People. The majority of my pals will claim that I haven’t changed. I believe it’s because I had already accomplished my goals when I entered the television industry.

Guy consistently sets an example for the boys by emphasizing the value of giving back. Following the wildfires in August, he organized the “Chefs for Maui” charity event in October with the goal of raising more than $1 million to support the Hawaiian Hotel Organization – the American Legion’s Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division.

Along with his boys Ryder and Hunter, the Guy’s Grocery Games emcee served meals during a Special Olympians event in the northern part of the state in May. The three of them collaborated with Windsor High School students through the Guy Fieri Foundation to prepare lunch for about 575 athletes and volunteers.

“Since you’re the guy who owns the tool, why would not you help dig the hole?” Guy stated earlier. “I want to have a constructive influence. Once it’s all finished, I just hope people say, ‘Guy was good for mankind. Guy helped.’


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