Hugh Jackman was given a special ticket, but Ryan Reynolds’ Wrexham fell short


The acquisition of Wrexham AFC by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney was everything but typical. Since the pair took ownership of the team in 2021, Red Dragons have been flourishing. The club not only had a meteoric rise in popularity, but it also received promotion after almost 20 years. The acquisition by Reynolds and McElhenney, however, added a lot of star power and brand value. This year appears to be no different from the 2022–23 campaign, as Hugh Jackman joined the pair for the club’s opening game.

The Red Dragons’ reputation has greatly increased since November 2021. Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds have drawn some extremely well-known people to the club. Wrexham just started their Second Division journey after having a tremendously successful season the year before. The Red Dragons had a rocky start to the season despite being a remarkably star-studded event.

Wrexham will play in the second tier for the first time in almost 20 years. The Red Dragons played their opening game against MK Dons on Saturday following an outstanding performance during the preseason simple. Hugh Jackman, a close friend and fellow actor, joined Ryan Reynolds in supporting the team at the team’s first home game. The X-Men actor did his best to support the team, but Wrexham got beaten by the guests in their opening game.

Despite putting on a strong display and getting off to a strong start, Wrexham lost to MK Dons. Before falling 5-3, the Red Dragons put up a strong fight and came close to pulling off a comeback. Reynolds’ team struggled in the opening game, but there is still plenty of time since the season is still very young.

The next game for Wrexham is against Wigan Athletic on August 9. As for the upcoming season, Jackman’s presence in the crowd does hint to a star-studded occasion for the team.


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