How to Train a Live Dragon That Has Been Suspended Due to Hollywood Strikes


As the live-action adaptation of How to Train Your Dragon grinds to a halt, it becomes the most recent casualty of the continuing strikes.


  • The ongoing Hollywood strike between actors’ unions and major studios has caused the live-action How to Train Your Dragon adaptation to be placed on hold.
  • The movie, scheduled for release in March 2025, may see delays if the strike lasts for a long time, adding it to a lengthy list of projects that have already been postponed.
  • The strikes have also impacted other well-known films and TV series, like Deadpool 3, Stranger Things, and The Last of Us, which might result in delays and marketing difficulties for studios.

With the upcoming live-action adaptation of Cressida Cowell’s acclaimed book saga, the How to Train Your Dragon universe was getting ready for its next expansion. However, due to the ongoing situation in Hollywood, where SAG-AFTRA and the WGA are on strike until reaching an agreement with the AMTPT, production on the movie has been put on hold.

After the phenomenal success of the animated projects associated with the saga, whispers about the DreamWorks series taking a new turn into the live-action format started to circulate at the beginning of 2023, and the confirmation followed. The new movie, which will be directed by Dean DeBlois, will feature Mason Thames from The Black Phone as Hiccup Haddock III and Nico Parker from The Last of Us as Astrid Hofferson.

Filming for the project was scheduled to begin this month in Belfast, according to the website Screen Daily, but because a deal between the actors’ union and the major studios has not been reached and the strike is still in effect, the movie will join the long list of eagerly anticipated films and television programs that have been put on hold until the issue is resolved. Currently scheduled for release in March 2025, How to Train Your Dragon may be postponed if the strike drags on for an extended period of time.

Hiccup, a young Viking who is the son of his town’s chief, is the protagonist of the film How to Train Your Dragon. Hiccup is expected to learn how to hunt dragons in order to succeed his father as chief after he passes away because his people have been at war with them for all of time. However, his perspective of the creatures changes when he encounters Toothless, a rare dragon known as Night Fury, and he will stop at nothing to influence others’ perceptions as well.

The strikes have obviously not just affected How to Train Your Dragon. The current issue in Hollywood may cause the release of some additional well-known films to be postponed. The most noteworthy ones are, among many others, Venom 3, Beetlejuice 2, Gladiator 2, Deadpool 3, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning: Part 2, and Gladiator 3.

Some highly anticipated television programs have also been impacted by the strikes on the small screen. The second episode of The Last of Us, the fourth season of The Boys, the last seasons of Stranger Things and Cobra Kai, and many others are among them.


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