How Maren Morris Reacted to Her First Night Absence from the CMA Awards After Leaving the Country Music Scene


While the Country Music Awards went into full gear in Nashville, the performer spent her day exploring New York City.

Maren Morris was spotted in New York City on the day of the biggest award presentation for the country music genre, only weeks after declaring she is leaving the industry.

The 33-year-old Morris chose to attend a number of events in Manhattan on Wednesday rather than travel to Nashville for the 2023 CMA Awards.

Wearing a red cutout dress with long sleeves, the singer of “My Church,” who expressed in September that she feels “very, very distanced” from country music and its politics, made an appearance at a SiriusXM press event earlier in the day. She was then seen wearing pants, a green shirt, and a long black leather jacket when she left Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen later that evening.

The Grammy winner posted on Instagram a few of her favorite moments from her trip to New York. These included pictures of her stunning red dress, dinner at the popular restaurant Carbone, and a picture of herself with country music stars Mickey Guyton and Brittney Spencer, that joined her for a performance on Tuesday night’s The Tonight Show.

The trio performed “Get the Hell Out of Here” and “The Tree,” both of which can be found on Morris’ most recent EP, The Bridge.

The singer gave Jimmy Fallon, host of Tonight Show, an explanation for why she decided to put a stop to her musical career. (She first stated to the newspaper in September that she believed the nation was “burning itself down without my help,” and that instead of wanting to “burn [country] to the ground and start over.”

She said, “I just felt like I was getting away from certain elements in country music that didn’t really serve me anymore.” “Therefore, naming [the EP] The Bridge seemed like the next step toward whatever it is.”

Morris went on to say that articles announcing her departure from country music were “very hyperbolic,” as there was always a part of her that identified as country.

As I was raised listening to this music, I don’t think it’s something you can truly leave behind. Despite the fact that my career has been rather genre-fluid, it’s the music I write. The country music cannot be eliminated, she declared. “All are welcome; I’m taking the excellent parts with me. There were aspects of it that I no longer found appealing. I feel so much better now.

Morris discussed the difficulties she’s had standing up for the Black Lives Matter movement, supporting the LGBTQ+ community, and criticizing individuals like Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany for their transphobic remarks in an interview with the L.A. Times.

At her small fan club event at Bowery Ballroom on Monday, Morris announced to the audience that she was going to go through the “weirdest year of my life.” This marked the beginning of her trip to New York.

After a decade of marriage, the celebrity filed ” divorced from spouse Ryan Hurd in October. During her performance, she acknowledged her “struggles” and thanked the audience for “leaning on you too hard.”


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