Hollywood A-listers appear in Mesquite while filming the new movie Flight Risk


Hollywood A-listers Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg filmed a new action-thriller movie in Mesquite for two days in July.

In the film “Flight Risk,” which Gibson is helming, Wahlberg plays the lead.

In the movie “Flight Risk,” an Air Marshall flies a wanted man through the tundra of Alaska in a tiny plane. The fugitive is nonetheless imprisoned when he believes the pilot is not who he claims to be.

So how did “Flight Risk” film in Mesquite after shooting in Alaska when the temperatures were above 115 degrees in each location?

On July 25, Mesquite City Councilwoman Karen Fielding commented, “Well, and to be honest with you, which is so funny about this movie, the entire plotline is in Alaska, in Anchorage.” “It was 117 degrees while they were filming last Friday. The location where they were intended to be in the movie narrative might thus have been further away than the original Anchorage.

“Mesquite can be a chameleon, and we can change to whatever directors want and utilize.”

A few things had to be cleared because the movie crew wanted to shoot in Mesquite.

Fielding claimed that Mesquite Airport and Mesquite Fire and Rescue were contacted as part of the movie crew’s duty to ensure that every aspect of the scene was covered.

They had to collaborate with the FAA, the city of Mesquite, and the airport had to be shut down, Fielding said. “After that, they needed to use some of our ambulances and fire engines.

Four firemen from the Mesquite Fire and Rescue, Robert Ceja, Cody Cannon, Vincente Pinto, and Logan Aug, participated in the filming in addition to the usage of the emergency vehicles.

The actors were really thrilled to be a part of the film’s production, according to Fielding. Who knows how much of it will really be shown, but because it was here for two days, plenty of people had the opportunity to interact with and see Mark Wahlberg.

The four firefighters from Mesquite didn’t have any speaking parts. The four Mesquite firemen assisted individuals on board a tiny plane after it crashed in the scenario that was captured on camera.

Even when there is an emergency, safety is still a primary priority, despite the fact that this is being filmed.

According to Mesquite Fire Deputy Chief Shawn Tobler, “in movies, they sometimes like to dramatize the events and sometimes that could include driving, potentially in an unsafe manner.” And we also make sure that any activities involving our employees and equipment were carried out safely as part of our briefing with them.

“They were able to stop what they were doing, call a time out, and talk it over with either the producers, the fire chief, or myself if they had any concerns about potential safety issues.”

In the end, Tobler and the Mesquite Fire and Rescue Department had a remarkable experience.

Even though the sequence only lasts a second in the finished product, Tobler said it was great to have his firemen participate in the filming.

Even if it had a little role in the film, Tobler stated that it was nonetheless exhilarating for his department to be a part of the production. But for our crews, it was a wonderful experience. We had the opportunity to travel up there, take part in it, and get to know a few well-known Hollywood celebrities. They participated in a scene on the movie set and had a positive experience overall.

These four firemen were only a small portion of the way the public admired Gibson and Wahlberg. The two have previously collaborated on projects together, such as “Father Stu” and “Daddy’s Home.”

When not working on the movie, Wahlberg, Gibson, and their colleagues were seen around the neighborhood and dining at various establishments.

Fielding remarked, “I know I heard (Wahlberg) was out there at the CasaBlanca hotel. Gregory’s served supper to Mel Gibson. His other producers and such also did. As a result, it’s great joy to have them visit our neighborhood and experience everything Mesquite has to offer, including our delicious cuisine and our welcoming committee. It was really fantastic.

She thinks that it is simply the beginning of movies coming to Mesquite given the great encounters the community and Fielding had, including the councilwoman shaking Gibson’s hand.

Fielding said to Gibson, “I thanked him for coming in and I told him, ‘Please come back and we welcome you back anytime.'” Therefore, I firmly believe that this will pave the way for potential newcomers to Mesquite.


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