Hayley Erbert and Derek Hough Reappear on the Red Carpet Four Months After Her Craniectomy


The event appearance brings an end to a day that started when Erbert declared she was good to go back on the Concerto of Dancing tour with Hough.

Hayley Erbert with Derek Hough commemorating Hulu’s official Disney+ debut. IMAGE: DISNEY/FRANK MICELOTTA VIA GETTY

It was Hayley Erbert’s first time walking the red carpet after her urgent craniectomy four years prior.

The So You Think You Can Dance graduate, 29, and her spouse, Derek Hough, attended a special cocktail gathering on Friday, April 5, in order to commemorate Hulu’s official launch onDisney+. The event was thrown by Dana Walden & Alan Bergman.

Putting on a white puff-sleeve dress featuring flowery embellishments, Erbert exuded elegance. The 38-year-old Hough chose a vibrant lapel button and a light blue suit.

After a day that started with Erbert revealing that she is good to go back on tour with Hough for the Symphony of Dance, the event appearance came to a close.

Following a tour stop in December 2023 in Washington, D.C., the performing artist became ill with a cerebral hemorrhage resulting from a ruptured blood vessel.

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert are present at an event honoring Hulu’s official Disney+ debut. DISNEY/FRANK MICELOTTA VIA GETTY

She had a cranioplasty to replace a significant piece of her skull after the craniectomy, and the tour was canceled.

“I’m so anxious about being able to out to the perform once having seeing had so awful take place,” Erbert stated to PEOPLE.

Hough tells PEOPLE that in order to go smoothly together on the tour, which begins in Melbourne, Florida on April 14, they have had in-depth discussions, tests, and reports from several specialists.

“She is completely clear, and we are all in awe of her. We can’t wait to perform a fantastic and touching show,” Hough remarked, adding that Erbert is surrounded by a “wonderful team” that works to make certain she is “well and safe.”

In addition to being able to perform on tour once more, Erbert told PEOPLE that it now has much more significance.

For as long that I recall, dance has been an integral a part of my everyday existence. As such, she expressed her excitement about doing what she loves and seeing the individuals who have supported her during her healing process.

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert in June 2023. GETTY’S CHRISTOPHER POLK/VARIETY

The expert dancer shared a video and echoed similar feelings.

After such a tumultuous previous four months, Erbert commented, “What an advantage (and pleasure) to have that I’m allowed to be once again on platform dancing with my love.” My recuperation process has been nothing less than of amazing, and the prospect of being able to exercise once more is rekindling my soul and hastening my mending even more.

Many expressed support for the tweet, including Jennifer Lopez who said, “Beautiful 🥲,” and Amy Purdy who added, “Omg I’m crying 😭.” Your trip has been very amazing, and I’m thrilled to see this! ❤.


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