Gwyneth Paltrow posts an adorable picture of Jennifer Aniston and declares she feels “so lucky” to have her as a friend


Additionally, the actress said in her Instagram Q&A that she is “in fact excellent pals” with Dakota Johnson.

Jennifer Aniston is a lucky friend to have, according to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Were yourselves and Jennifer Aniston good friends? was one of the queries Paltrow, 51, fielded asked those who followed her on Thursday afternoon via her Instagram Story.

Paltrow replied, “Yes, I am so lucky,” and posted a picture of herself and Aniston, 54, cuddling up and exchanging cheek kisses.

Aniston was one of the famous visitors at Paltrow’s 2018 engagement celebration with Brad Falchuk, her current husband.

Both of them were previously involved with Brad Pitt. Paltrow and Pitt, who is now 59, kissed via 1994 to 1997; Aniston was Pitt’s wife from 2000 into they separated in 2005.

In her story on Instagram Q&A, Paltrow—who wed Falchuk in 2018—discussed a range of subjects, including parenting guidance and advise on developing a love relationship using a Gemini likes Falchuk, 52.

A query about Paltrow’s acquaintance to Sioux Johnson, who is linked to her ex-husband Chris Martin, was also answered.

I adore her so much,” Paltrow said, adding, “We’re truly very good friends. She is a nice and adorable individual.
After Johnson and Paltrow, having “consciously uncoupled” in 2014, divorced in 2016, Martin and Johnson started dating in 2017.

Apple, and nineteen and Moses, 17, are children of Paltrow and Martin, and she is also the stepmother of Isabella, 19, and Brody, 17, who are children of Falchuk.

In an earlier Instagram Q&A Paltrow conducted back in August, she acknowledged that it was initially difficult to combine her family with Falchuk’s.

You know, nobody gives us instructions in a book on this. And in fact, the majority of the media portrays stepmothers as being horrible, villainous people, Paltrow claimed at the time. “In such case, it’s similar to trying to dodge land mines. And after that, you’ll be joining a lively family. Additionally, there are numerous fears related to loss and what this individual means.

But for me, the moment I made up my mind and truly lived with the notion that my stepchildren were my children and that I loved them exactly as much and set the same limitations and regulations for them, the easier everything became, she continued. And now it’s very fantastic.


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