Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s Super Bowl Sunday menu is “already being discussed” (Exclusive)


Before the big game, Stefani will sing live over the NFL’s TikTok account. She tells PEOPLE that there will be plenty of snacks available for watch parties at her house to celebrate. Gwen Stefani husband Blake Shelton are not awaiting the start of organizing their Super Bowl snack menu.

In collaboration with TikTok and the NFL, Stefani will headline a pregame performance on February 11th prior to Super Bowl LVIII. She tells PEOPLE that she and Shelton “are already discussing the food” for the particular Super Bowl Sunday.

“That’s really the main focus, along with the cocktails and our plan for indulgence. And I was like, ‘Why were you having this conversation?’ to [Blake]. You already know that I’ll fail miserably in the first fifteen minutes. With a giggle, Stefani declares, “I’m going to vomit out on the seven-layer dips and refuse to be able to squeeze another thing in my stomach. I’ll be so angry for the rest of the day.”

This year’s Super Bowl will take place in Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium. Stefani has said that she will play a “50-minute set” that includes all of her “uptempo songs” to help get the crowd excited for the big match between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

She’ll probably get some food and watch the game after her performance.

How can you create such a decadent Super Bowl dish, in our opinion? Famous Super Bowl dish? I mean, [Blake] thought, ‘Oh, can we do this?’ And I say, ‘No, that’s not the Super Bowl.’ It must be done correctly! Says she.

Stefani claims TikTok’s abundance of searchable recipes will be helpful on game day as well as to her streamed performance (so that all watching parties have more to offer than simply her famous seven-layer dip, that is).

“About TikTok, there are a ton of amazing recipes available, and it will be interesting to see what users come up with,” she remarks. It’s incredibly thrilling because with all that, we all motivate each other now.

Aside from the Super Bowl party meal, Stefani claims she is also receiving additional credit within the house for her performance during the pregame.

“Being surrounded by guys, including my husband, who are football players, makes it more and more exciting.” We also have fantasy football. We simply linger there & discuss football every morning, really. It’s amazing,” she exclaims. She laughs and says, “It makes us feel very like, ‘Guess what?’ because it’s very big in my house.” “You only want to brag to your boys, and I get to do that.”


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