Greetings from Plathville Four months after announcing their split, Ethan and Olivia Plath file for divorce


The former couple identified their divorce date as February 25, 2023 in joint documents they filed in Carver County, Minnesota, last week. However, they did not publicly acknowledge the news until October 2023.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ stars Ethan and Olivia Plath. IMAGE: Careful

It is confirmed that Olivia and Ethan Plath are divorcing.

The previous couple submitted joint paperwork to dissolve their five-year married in Dodge County, Minnesota on February 21, just four weeks after announcing their split on social media, PEOPLE can confirm.

According to In Touch, which broke the story first, Olivia husband Ethan, both 25, filed for divorce, citing a “irretrievable breakdown” as the cause of their split. Additionally, they stated that they separated on February 25, 2023, although they didn’t make their break official until October of that same year.

When PEOPLE asked a TLC representative for comment, the rep did not answer.

After being married in 2018, Olivia and Ethan chose to get out of their shared house and spent some time apart while they assessed their marriage’s prospects. The couple finally made up, but because they were rarely seen on one other’s social media, admirers started to wonder if they had broken up as early as 2023.

The couple posted a breakup announcement on Instagram in October at that year. The first to break the news was Ethan, who said that despite the fact that we all gave it our all, it simply didn’t work out between us.

He went on, “It seemed like we were always pulling each other’s hair in different directions with different goals in life.” Olivia has my warmest wishes for the future. I’m concerned for her deeply and always will.


Olivia looked back at their time together in a quick post. Though the partner you select is a depiction of the world you desire to reside in, and at eighteen I wasn’t sure who I was going to be or what sort of life I aspired to make for myself, she wrote, “I have mixed memories of us when we were eighteen, innocently dreaming of forever.”

I’ve started the process of questioning, dismantling, and reconstructing seven years later, and I know it’s a process I will keep putting first throughout my entire existence, she continued. Ethan, I’m grateful for the fun times. My best wishes are with you.

She also discussed her “must haves” in a future companion, stating that she cannot compromise on compassion or curiosity. Additionally, someone who understands that as I develop, learn, and explore, I will change. That could be nice, I dunno 😂🙊.

In what appeared to be a jab at Ethan’s remarks from the December Welcome to Plathville finale, the reality star said, “Oh, also. I could handle splitting the cooking responsibilities.” He implied that their marriage would have been saved if Olivia had been preparing three meals a day for him.

On the Hughes family’s TLC series, audiences were able to witness their highs and lows before their breakup. They had had difficulty agreeing on a number of important topics, such as politics, religion, communication, and their respective parenting philosophies.

Fans witnessed Ethan formally decide to dissolve the couple’s marriage in the season 5 final

Ethan told Olivia that he felt he had to put a line on the sandy floor and declare, “This is the limit infinity wherever my personal convictions allow you go with where you’re at right now.” He also said that he felt that adding babies into the mix would be incompatible. I told you once something I’d been keeping to myself for a long time: if there’s anyone alive today with whom I could have children, I would desire it for you.

Olivia Plath and Ethan Plath. PLATH ETHAN/INSTAGRAM

I love you so much, Ethan went on, and I hope that was how things could always be. However, I also feel compelled to uphold my morals and ideals, and given the way you have changed, I’m not sure how I can do that. There are simply some things that I don’t want the kids I raise to consider and believe when they get older. To me, it comes down to principle.

Olivia spoke through tears: “I will be killed if I regurgitate that. I am the child pf two people who believe that values mean beyond their connection with their daughter.” I do believe like you have chosen for us not to stay together, and it hurts but I think I’ve given this relationship my all. However, I agree with the decision and believe it to be the best course of action for both of us in terms of our desired futures.

She said, “I adore you as a person.” Even if I believe that we are not meant to be romantically involved, I still adore you and wish nothing but the greatest for you. Nobody can claim we didn’t try it.

Olivia and Ethan chose to file a divorce together, according to a title card seen at the end of the episode.

You can watch Welcome to Plathville on Max.


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