Former ‘RHOC’ star Shannon Before David reconciles with wife Leslie amid ugly divorce battle


Why the divorce? David Beador, Shannon Beador’s ex-husband, appeared to have patched things up with Lesley despite making an attempt to evict her from their house less than two months earlier during their ugly divorce fight. According to information obtained by, the couple was recently on a family vacation in Yellowstone, where David was wearing his wedding ring, signifying that things were back on track.

When Lesley shared pictures of her family visiting Yellowstone National Park, she gave the impression that everything was going well in their marriage. When David’s second wife posted a photo to Instagram on Tuesday, she grinned and embraced the former Real Housewives of Orange County star, who was proudly wearing the silver band on his wedding finger.

Check out the person I ran across at Yellowstone National Park. My spouse!” With the hashtag “happy to provide entertainment to all,” Lesley hinted in the message, possibly making reference to their contentious divorce.

Lesley also took care to turn off her comments, possibly anticipating a barrage of inquiries given the heated exchanges between the two since David filed for divorce a second time in May.

Shannon’s ex-husband asked the judge to remove Lesley from his $15 million property in June, as exclusively revealed. Even though Lesley requested a court date extension until September so she could organize her affairs, David claimed in court records acquired by this publication that Lesley was not complying with their agreed move-out date and he wanted the judge to compel her to leave.

Lesley charged David of cutting off their credit cards and canceling their joint bank account. She made it obvious that she needed $10k for relocating expenses in addition to $32k per month in assistance from David.

He retaliated, stating that a prenuptial agreement would only grant Lesley $10,000 per month in support. Additionally, he said he gave her a $40k advance to aid in her property search.

The two obtained separate domestic violence restraining orders against one another, which led to the most stunning claims. Lesley stated that she made the request because of David’s claimed “threats, harassment, and hostile behavior” against her and their 2-year-old daughter, saying that he made them “fear for our safety and suffer substantial physical and emotional distress.”

Lesley claims that throughout their marriage, she “suffered from physical, mental, and emotional abuse on numerous occasions.” “Because of his financial hold over me, I was unable to ‘leave’ him. After the birth of our daughter, it started to become worse,” her complaint stated.

Lesley, according to David, “changed her mind and is unhappy” with their arrangement, which is why she filed the restraining order, and he added, “This is purely bad faith.”


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