Following accusations that she had violated SAG-AFTRA strike guidelines, Selena Gomez removed the post titled “Only Assaults in the Castle”


Selena Gomez mentioned her Hulu series just about murders in The Place in a photo that she shared on Instagram, but she later erased it.

On Tuesday, August 30, Selena Gomez shared a nostalgic Instagram about her popular Hulu series just murders in the Building; however, the post has since been taken down after claims that it violated the SAG-AFTRA strike’s regulations. Selena referenced the official Instagram profile for OMINTB in a black-and-white video that appeared to have been shot on the filming site of the program. According to screenshots obtained, the actress labeled the post “Missing and wanting.” Before it was deleted, the post had received over a million likes during its 15 hours of existence.

According to the union’s official website, members aren’t allowed to promote their recent, ongoing, and previous works on internet sites, in evaluations, on red carpets, or on any other form of media while the strike is in effect. Even though Selena wasn’t promoting the concert to her followers, the line is ambiguous because she tagged the only murders in The Building’s Instagram account. Quickly after the incident, fans commented in the post section with their opinions. Some users referred to her as “tone deaf,” while others accused her of scabbing. Selena’s agent and SAG-AFTRA, according to Variety, have each been mum on the situation.

The comedy series is now airing its third season; Hulu started releasing new episodes on August 8 and will keep doing so every Tuesday until October 3. Along with Steve Martin and Martin Short, who also serve as major characters in the show, Selena is a star of season one, which premiered in August 2021. The program centers on three neighbors who are working to investigate a string of killings in their New York City apartment building: Mabel Riva (Selena), Oliver Putnam (Martin), and Charles-Haden Savage (Steve). Cara Delevigne starred in season 2, and Jesse Williams, Meryl Streep, and Paul Rudd will all have roles in season 3. The show has continued to assemble a star-studded cast.

Nobody from the cast has given interviews or revealed anything on season 3 since the the SAG-AF strike started.

The former Disney employee just made a comeback to the music industry and on August 25th, she dropped a new track titled “Single Soon.” Since the SAG-AFTRA strike does not affect the music industry, Selena is permitted to promote her new single without breaking any strike regulations.


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