Flashback to ‘The Walking Dead’ in Hollywood Rise of Steven Yeun to Fame


Fans and the actors were outraged by Glenn Rhee’s final demise.

Today, Steven Yeun is renowned as an Oscar and Emmy nominated actor for his work in notable films like Netflix’s dark comedy Beef and A24’s family drama Minari, both of which won him nominations recently in their respective lead acting categories for cinema and television. But the actor’s appearance on AMC’s The Walking Dead is what really made him famous throughout the world.

The Walking Dead’s Glenn Rhee, dubbed “the plucky loner” by THR, is introduced in the series’ debut as a voice on a radio ordering Andrew Lincoln’s Rick to go as a swarm of zombies devours his horse. The program had an 11-season run that began on Halloween in 2010, garnering 16 Emmy nominations and two wins. Glenn, a former pizza delivery worker, rose to popularity among viewers thanks to his inventiveness and tenacity as well as his romance with Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan), another apocalyptic survivor, whom he meets in season two. The marriage and birth of Glenn and Maggie’s kid take place after Glenn’s horrific death, nevertheless.

According to a summary of the episode in which the villain Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) killed Glenn and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) with a barbed-wire-wrapped bat, “The Walking Dead kicked off its seventh season with a pair of incredibly violent deaths,” THR. Fans and the rest of the cast were saddened by their deaths: Through tears, Cohan highlighted that Glenn’s parting words — “I will find you” — were intended to indicate that Maggie and Glenn are “star-crossed lovers” during a live talk-back session for the performance at the Hollywood Bowl, according to THR.

Yeun, who got his start at The Second City in Chicago, went back to his comedic origins with Beef to portray a man who is driven by retaliation following a road rage incident. But people continue to recognize him as a zombie killer in public. “Glenn [from The Walking Dead] was it for me for a very long time. I wouldn’t trust it if it said, “I stopped watching when you died.” Like, I finished every season,” Yeun said in a June interview with THR. “However, they’re asking, ‘Are you the man in Beef?’ now. And that’s enjoyable.


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